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August 11, 2010

Party Mummy's Blissdom Blog Quiz

I am hopping on the band wagon (all the cool kids are doing it)...Party Mummy (see? the cool kids!) wrote a post on getting to know "how she blogs" better (and perhaps as a time filler since she didn't go to BlogHer10.

***(oh and if you want to hop with the cool kids too ->

Here’s what to do:

a) Cut and paste the quiz onto your blog.
b) Delete my answers
c) Answer the questions
d) Tweet a few of the bloggers and invite them to play along.
e) In the comment section below, leave a link to your blog where you've answered the quiz questions.

So in preparation for BlissdomCanada (are you going? Am I going?) and in the wagon hopper are my answers.

BlissDom Canada

1. Did you attend Blogher10?
No, because I didn't think I could fly at this stage in my pregnancy. And I have no child care this summer. And I've never really been to a conference. And I still feel like the internetz are the cool kids and I'm in the chess club. And I really just sucked out.

2. Are you attending BlissdomCanada this fall?
YES! I am sponsored by the good folks at Foundation Studio Marketing & Promotions. If you are going - connect with me (@ParentClub) and/or Ariane (@fdnstudio)

3. When are you at your blogging best – a.m. or p.m.?
I'm slow in the morning and not too fast in the afternoon. So let's say blogging best is 10ish.

4. How many blogs do you have? (Include the links)
well...Parent Club
Yummy Mummy Club: Caroline Fernandez Nick of Time

5. What technical skill would you like to learn to improve your blog? Photoshop (though I'm becoming a master of Paint). I'd also like to learn how to remember to put the wet clothes in the washer into the dryer in a timely manner - because though not a technical skill per say - it would technically make my life better.

6. Do you prefer the sound of silence or does action abound while you blog? Neither - I prefer the sound of the dryer tumbling (see answer to Q5)

7. Do you include the names of your family in your blog? No. Not because they don't have names or anything. I always refer to them as Thing 1, Thing 2 and my prince...because (and this is a confession here) my prince once commented that he didn't like the idea of the kids' names/photos out there in the internetz world. And my pseudo-naming them is my little nod in respect to his parenting parimeters (he can have veto rights on where their names appear in the world - I have veto rights to EVERYTHING ELSE).

8. Do you post pictures or videos of your children? Um...did you read answer to Q7?

9. What’s the grossest thing you’ve spilled on your keyboard?
Only cookie crumbs ever....really.

10. Ever posted something you wrote while intoxicated?
I don't do anything while intoxicated...ask my prince.

11. Do you go back and edit old posts just because you can?
Dear blog no! That would take time away from the laundry.

12. Have you ever suspected somebody took something you wrote and pawned it off as their own?
No. Maebe I dun't right good enuf for steeling.

13. Does your spouse read your blog? What do they say about it?
No. Never. Other people tell him what I write. Then he shakes his head. And continues reading his blackberry. #we're-close-that-way

14. What’s something cool/positive/unexpected for you, that has resulted directly from blogging?
hmmm...I met some cool kids, I received assignments from cool publications, I have been intereviewed as a "parenting expert" (really!) but the one stand-out would be interviewing a guy named Pinball Clemons...who at the end of the interview (after I turned off the Flip darn it) said to me "What you are doing is really important to a lot of parents. You are doing a great job! Don't forget that" (*gush*)

15. Link to a post (or two) which demonstrate your writing style:
See the Labels area over there?...on the right?...check out some of those (can't chose one link because A. I'd like to think I write my best with each post and B. the dryer just buzzed)

16. Name a blog(s) that makes you exclaim, "Damn! I wish I'd written that!"
Sharon DeVellis: The Inside Scoop
LouLou's Views

For those who don't know about Blogher10 and BlissdomCanada (yes, I'm talking to you Sarah) - they are blogging/social media conferences - all the cool kids go to them.

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At August 12, 2010 at 9:36 a.m. , Blogger Lisa said...

Loved your answers. You always make me smile Caroline. :)

At August 12, 2010 at 9:43 a.m. , Blogger JackiYo said...

Awesome stuff :)

At August 12, 2010 at 11:39 a.m. , Blogger ModernMom said...

Loved reading through your answers!
I too am going:)m I'm your newest follower.
Here are my answers to this fab meme if you want to have a peek!

At August 17, 2010 at 9:17 p.m. , Blogger Tarasview said...

Great answers- you made me laugh :) I am here from Lisa's post!

My Blissdom Canada post & Mr. Linky!

At August 18, 2010 at 9:15 a.m. , Anonymous Mommy X said...

I like that you don't use the names of your kiddies in your hus has similar feelings. Incidently he doesn't read my blog either! Same "head shaking" goes on...except he goes back to watching golf. Glad to see I'm not alone!


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