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July 17, 2008

Parent Club Calendar: This Weekend

This weekend is the not-to-be-missed Beaches Jazz Festival. This is a great family event.

We advise to pack a pique-nique. Also if you can; TTC or biking are good transportation choices as the parking is limited and goes fast.

Remember to throw a bathing suit on the little ones - as the park beside the Kew Beach grandstand (where many of the artists play) has a wading pool. Also the Donald D. Summerville Outdoor Pool, is in stroller/wagon distance for a cooling off swim.

July 16, 2008

Truth or Excuse

Have you ever used your child as an excuse to get out of something? Bet you have. Bet I have. Can't remember that I have. But, ugh, recently I gave an r.s.v.p. which sounded exactly like I was using the kid excuse...

We were sent an e-vite to an adult only cocktail party. We don't usually run in adult-only-gathering circles...we're in the of-course-bring-the-kids crowd. I digress.

We were invited to this soi·rée and could not...I mean COULD NOT...engage a babysitter. Apparently, every teenager we knew was at a cottage that night. Our babysitter list is not long, fairly short actually, built of teenagers we trust - from families we know. Families, which apparently, all have cottages.

We thought about one parent staying home while the other went out (thought of it and quickly thought not).

It sounded like an excuse but it was really the truth. And truth be told, I didn't mind giving up wine & cheese to spend the evening with my family.

July 15, 2008

Beach Wheelchairs - Toronto Beach

In the past, only able bodied families could venture through the sand to throw a few rocks in Lake Ontario. However, some grandparents, parents, caregivers and even children with special mobility needs could not get wheels or walkers through the sand.

Now, beach wheelchairs are available for reservation and borrowing for persons with limited mobility. Get out an explore Woodbine, Ashbridge’s Bay or Kew-Balmy beaches.

View Larger Map.

Reserve a chair at 416-392-7688 or try you luck at picking one up at Donald D. Summerville Outdoor Pool, 1675 Lake Shore Blvd. East (foot of Woodbine Ave.)

You do need an adult companion who is able to push the wheelchair through the sand. (not to worry the balloon tires allow for easy pushing through the sand). Beach wheelchairs also come with umbrellas.

It is great to see the city recognizing that families of all abilities are welcome to enjoy Toronto's beach.

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July 14, 2008

Lice Update...Again

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It's amazing how unwelcome one is when "we've got lice" is part of a conversation. Worse if it's face to face. The other person gets a bit shocked - then tries to politely cover it - but YOU know the shock is still there.

Who would blame them? Would you want to be invited to someones house knowing there was head louse? Of course not. No one would accept that invitation. It's a sort of quarantine. Just like scarlet fever (remember the story of the The Velveteen Rabbit?) The story of lice would be called "itchy scratchy rabbit".

As unwelcome as lice bearers are...little kids just don't get why they can't play with friends, go to Karate class, cuddle with a parent in bed ('cause I boiled our laundry enough this week thank you very much). It's a long lonely journey -- broken up by friends who come out of the woodwork (excuse the insect pun) to share tips of their own lice adventures.

The battle goes on. Thing 1 (who was the host) is almost clear of nits. Thing 2 looked like she was completely clear...but - continued daily checks checking revealed, over the weekend, baby lice (proves not all babies are cute!). Don't think that one day looking clear means the problem is might be missing eggs and -- without treatment will start the infestation off again. The olive oil treatment for lice worked well except the shower cap didn't stay on and the sheets got some oil stains. The second treatment - smart Mom put swimming caps over the oiled up hair and then the shower caps (and also towels on the bed).

We'd like to become welcome again...