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July 09, 2011

Parent Club Profiles | Lindsay Brewda

Name please. Lindsay Brewda

Your Website?

What's your specialty? (work-wise - you're probably pretty special at a lot of things)
I make things beautiful! My most popular item is the birth announcement, but I offer products for any of life’s moments, if you can think it, we can create it. People are really loving some of our other items like business cards, wall art prints and personalized placemats.

What's your shameless plug? (books, blogs, bling, etc.)
My personalized placemats were on Tori & Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood, the ladybug design for Stella was designed for her 1st birthday and now available to anyone on my website.

Best thing about your work:
Everything is custom designed for you, and you get to work one on one with a designer the entire time to make sure your order is perfect.

Parent or not a parent?
Parent of two wonderful kids, 6.5 year old son and 4 year old daughter.

Share a typical Tuesday (really we want to hear how you "do it all")
Wake-up around 7:30am
Bug the kids to get up
Check my iPhone for anything urgent
Get dressed so I can take the kids to school
Bug the kids again to get up
Head downstairs to make breakfast and lunch for the kids
Help them get dressed
Take them to school
Clean the breakfast mess and eat breakfast myself
Make a green tea and enjoy a little twitter while checking my email
Organize orders for the day
Start designing
Run to the printers
Come home and eat lunch
Visit Twitter and Facebook while eating lunch at my desk
Back to designing for a few hours
Package and ship orders
Run to the printers
Pickup kids at school
Prep dinner while kids eat an after school snack
Check email
Cook dinner
Hang out with the kids for a bit
Bath and bedtime for kids
Back in front of my computer to complete any orders still left from the day
Tweet while working
Head to bed around 11pm
Watch tv and fall asleep around midnight
Do you blog?
 Yes I have two blogs, “everyday grace” for the business and my personal blog although it is hard for me to find the time right now to write on my personal blog.

Do you tweet? Of course I tweet! You can find me at @graceannounce

Link to a post/portfolio/recipe piece you think shows your most supreme skills:
Wow this is hard, besides my entire website which is like my large portfolio I think the thing that I am most proud of right now is my involvement in Name Your Tunes new website and second cd design,

Wallflower or social butterfly?
Neither, I kind of fall in the middle. If I am comfortable I can be very social but if you put me in a room of strangers, I am very shy.

Name 3 people you would like to meet-in-person from Twitter (add why so we can follow them too)...
@caffinated_mom – she is like my food hero!
@sprankard – I would love to give her a hug as she has been a huge supporter of mine.
@ohsheglows – I have really enjoyed her transition into doing something that she loves, and her food posts always look delicious!

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July 08, 2011

Le Winner

Le Winner of the Celebrate Summer Giveaway  #LMDConnector

Random Integer Generator

Here are your random numbers:


Timestamp: 2011-07-09 23:19:21 UTC

#16 Glogirl said...

Daily Entry:

I'd like to try the Taco Seasoned Chicken recipe.
21 June, 2011 3:40 PM

Please shoot us an e-mail Glogirl!


July 07, 2011

Britax Baby Carrier Review

THE WHAT: BRITAX BABY CARRIER (featuring the CarryLong System, which reduces the risk of back and shoulder strain during extended wear by distributing weight across the shoulders, back and hips.)

accommodates babies 8lbs-32lbs
padded waist and shoulder straps
distributes weight across shoulders (comfortably)
removable infant insert
baby can face inwards or outwards
detachable bib
easy snaps
adjustable head support

THE REVIEW: Without hesitation, recommend BRITAX BABY CARRIER!  We tested it out on short walks, just doing chores around the house and full day trips and the comfort of carrying baby was excellent.  (Yes, we have tried other leading brand carriers and this one excelled in easy on/easy off, comfort for parent and comfort for baby).

Really like the detachable bib to keep the carrier clean.  The one hand snaps allow for easy on/easy off (even when the baby is sleeping).  The versatility of positions is great for newborns and toddlers. 

Baby shower in your future?  This is a go-to gift for any expectant mom!  Parent Club recommended!

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July 05, 2011

#TravelTuesday | Rent it

Traveling with kids is awesome - taking all the baby/kid gear is not awesome. 

THUNDERBOLT CONCEPT!:  Rent your baby/kid gear!  No more hauling of highchairs and jamming in jumperoos.

When we go to France, we have needed carseats & boosters, strollers & highchairs - and thankfully family has sourced it all out for us each time...but I can tell you - not packing those everyday must-haves are awesome.  If you don't have family at your destination - renting the gear is the way to go.

In Canada, you can google (google is such a great verb) a site like - which is all about renting baby and kid gear. 

And also, check out my friend Corinne's site for tips (I love her Have Stroller Will Travel series)

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July 04, 2011

Free Summer Activity - West 49 LRN2SK8 TOUR PRESENTED BY DISNEY XD

Free and fabulous: This summer West 49 has big plans to continue being part of that first skateboarding experience for Canadian kids. West 49 is pleased to announce West 49 LRN2SK8 Tour presented by Disney XD.
Starting this June (2011) and running through to September 2nd The West 49 LRN2SK8 Tour presented by Disney XD will be making 30 stops at West 49 locations across Canada (mall parking lots) offering an amazing program targeting beginner skaters age 5 and up.

The ½ day program will include the following elements:  mock-classroom lessons where trick description (Tech Deck Trickology 101) and the history of skateboarding will be reviewed, Build-a-Board Workshop learning how to install bearings and apply grip tape and small group lessons aiding in individual progression execution and analysis will be taught with skate-educated seasoned riders providing the lessons. 
This program is FREE to kids aged 5 + across Canada and you can register online starting June 1st, 2011 at Each location offers two sessions 10am - 12pm & 1pm - 3pm with free skate being offered at 3pm.

*Helmets are mandatory. Helmets and skateboards will be available for use during the programs.

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Fisher-Price Luv U Zoo Jumperoo and my crazy baby | #playpanel

I would love to say my baby looks like the one pictured in the Fisher-Price Luv U Zoo Jumperoo
(I would also like to say he sleeps through the nights and never ever cries...woulda, coulda, can't).

Here is the picture comparison of the Fisher-Price Jumperoo baby and my Fisher-Price Jumperoo baby.  Can you spot the difference?...

Calm Baby

Crazy Baby
He.  Can't.  Stop.  Jumping.
Can not.

He has discovered his legs and all he does is bounce and bounce and bounce.  I thought that the jumperoo would take up too much real estate in our small living room - but good ghandi the boy LOVES that piece of Fisher-Price wonderment beyond anything else.  Bounce.  Bounce.  Bounce.

He's grabbing for the monkey up high and rattling the alligator toy (one could say he's is exploring the world around him and building his motor skills - but on the mom-level - he's playing the heck out of himself).

And he shrieks with thrill so much he surprises himself!

I like that it can adjust to 3 different heights so that the jumperoo can grow with him.  Also, I like that it doesn't need a doorway.  Yes, it takes up real estate but the box says that the tubes pop off for easy storage (though I'm thinking -- easy transportation -- to Grandma's!)

Who needs a still picture of a baby in a jumper? crazy jumperoo baby is a memory in the making!

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FREE Wiggles Performance at Chapters Bayview Village


THE EVENT: The Wiggles are in Toronto for The Wiggles! Big Birthday! party. North American Tour and fans of the acclaimed foursome can enjoy a FREE sneak peek as they perform live in-store. Please note that this is a performance, not a book signing.

Wristbands are being handed out tomorrow Tuesday, July 5, 2011 at 9:30am. Quantities are limited, for more details, please visit:

THE SHOW: Wednesday, July 6th, 2011; 3:30pm

THE WHERE: Chapters Bayview Village

2901 Bayview Avenue #132, Toronto, ON

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July 03, 2011

Replays Are Worst Then Real Time

Last night, I took some mashed avacado from my plate and gave a bit to Thing 3 to try (didn't like it).  I left the dinner table to prepare some infant cereal for him only to return at the moment Thing 2 was spooning something into his mouth.

"YOU CAN'T..."

But it was too late.  He started choking and gagging and making that horrible silent choke noise (you know the one) and then he threw up again and again.

"You can't feed him!"  I said.

Thing 2 said she only wanted to help.  ok - said I - you saw he was hungry and you wanted to help but sisters can't decide what babies eat or drink - parents decide what he eats ok?!  ok?!

Everyone was fine and dinner continued.  But I replayed that moment over and over again.  What if I hadn't turned around?  What if she had given him an even bigger spoonful of raw snap peas?    In real time, you replays you re-live...again and again.

And it reminds me once again...I need to go for a CPR course.

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