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May 14, 2010

Articles on

Check out these recent articles (By Caroline Fernandez aka @ParentClub) published on

50 Romantic Ideas

Remember when you two first met; remember that fluttery butterfly feeling you would get in your tummy? Just because you have been together awhile does not mean you cannot still feel that way. Here are [ ... ]


How to Recognize an Enemy Disguised as a Friend

Relationships are a Mom’s lifeline to the outside, grown-up, world. However, some friends don’t act like friends. Perhaps it is their own dissatisfaction in life that they feel the need to put you down. Perhaps there is jealousy. Perhaps your friend critiques you constantly. When unhappiness, resentment or judgment comes into a friendship – that relationship can become toxic. How do you recognize an enemy disguised as a friend?...


May 11, 2010

Interview & Review: Flicka 2

Parent Club had the opportunity for an exclusive interview with Director Michael Damian (of Y & R fame) and Reilly Dolman (Canadian actor) about their newly released dvd Flicka 2.

Michael: What attracted you to the story of Flicka 2?

What attracted me most to the film was the really wonderful fun adventure story from the cherished book My Friend Flicka. I was super excited to take on this challenging project and direct the film for such a beloved tale.

Michael: How did you enjoy working in Vancouver?

It was incredible! The people in Canada are so kind, talented and generous. One example is when we were setting up to shoot the big competition scene, which takes place at the end of the film, we made an announcement inviting locals to be extras in the film. The shoot started very early in the morning and there was a heavy storm that day so I thought maybe 20 people would show up, when I arrived at 6:30am there were 800 people in line dressed as cowboys! The generosity was amazing. Canada also has some of the most beautiful scenery I've seen, just breathtaking.

Michael: Where will readers find you next? (Upcoming autograph signing in Canada? Twitter? Events?)

Fans can follow me on twitter a @michaeldamian1 or add me to Facebook, I update them myself and pretty regularly so fans can see what I'm up to any time of the day!

Reilly: How do you think Flicka 2 will inspire families?

Everyone can relate to the idea of being a fish out of water, hopefully through this film people will be able to understand what it takes to find strength in others and more importantly in themselves.

Reilly: Are there any real-life similarities between you and your character Jake?

For myself and every young actor there is a longing for personal success. Everyone is looking to "make it" but what I think you have to keep in mind is whether that is long-term or short-term it takes more than hard work, it takes perseverance and inner-strength

Reilly: Where will readers find you next? (Upcoming autograph signing in Canada? Twitter? Events?)

I have some things in the works right now that I'm really excited about. With the support of my fans hopefully they will keep me in their living rooms for a long time to come.

THE WHAT: Flicka 2

THE WHERE: Now available on DVD

THE REVIEW: Flicka 2 is based on the classic story "My Friend Flicka" however it tells a different tale than the original Flicka film (read: you could watch Flicka 1 and then Flicka 2 and enjoy two very different stories that stay true to the theme of family, friendship and finding your true self).

Parent Club recommends Flicka 2 as a Friday night family film.

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May 10, 2010

Dressing Kids for May

Is May weather causing clothing meltdowns in your house? One day it is warm enough for shorts. Other's you need polar fleece (well, I do at least). Kids don't get it and the "...but I wore shorts yesterday...why do I need pants today?!" whine starts. Dressing kids in May can take some creativity.

For younger kids - give them the choice of two outfits. Only two. (Don't open the conversation to letting them add or subtract things from the two choices - because this just opens the window for the morning...when you're trying to get their butts out of the house and out in the world). The choice of two outfits gives them the power of deciding what they want to wear - and you the control over the appropriate dress for the weather.

For older kids - tell them the weather forecast. Or have them turn on the T.V. for a minute and have them tell you the forecast. Let them know; 2 C is cold, 15 C is chilly, 20 C is warm. So if they tell you it's 7 C this morning - you can say - "that's jeans, t-shirt, long sleeve + a jacket weather" and let them choose their clothes from there.

Do you have any tips on how to dress kids for the unreliable spring weather? Share with the club in the comment area!

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