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March 11, 2011

What's On - March Break in the GTA

Medieval Times (Toronto castle)
Offering a buy one get one admission

The Kids’ CBC mall tour
Kids will also have the chance to meet some of their favourite stars from a variety of hit Kids’ CBC series including: KIDS’ CANADA host Sid, ARTZOOKA! host Jeremie, Huckle from BUSYTOWN MYSTERIES , SUPER WHY!, BO ON THE GO!, and Gi-Ant from WHAT’S YOUR NEWS?

Woodbine Shopping Centre
Tuesday, March 15 – 10:00am to 3:00pm
500 Rexdale Blvd., Etobicoke

Milton Mall
Wednesday, March 16 – 12:00pm to 4:00pm
55 Ontario St. South, Milton

Shoppers World Brampton
Friday, March 18 – 10:00am to 3:00pm
499 Main St. South, Brampton

Indigo and Chapters
From arts, crafts and scientific fun to family games and great books that inspire wonderful reading escapes, kids and parents will discover daily interactive FREE events at Indigo and Chapters stores nationally.


March 10, 2011

March Break Activities and Tips

Staycation? Vacation? Wherever your March Break plans take you we've got the tips you need!

Well, to start our #1 March break tip:

Remember to put a bit of "me time" in your March break. Go to yoga class, uncork a bottle after the kids go to bed, tweet, whatever it is that relaxes you. Because if the parent-in-charge has March break burn out...everyone gets burnt (there is a trickle down effect there).
Family Travels
Tip: Plan for life's road blocks.

✈ Pack your usual children's medication in your carry on
✈ The best fast food is food you already have on hand (i.e. pack snacks!)
✈ Fill your ipod with free video podcasts (Nick & Disney)
✈ Music soothes the savage beast (audio books and kids' fav. music)
✈ Pack enough diapers to get you through the day (plus 2)

Free Family Field Trips
Tip: Check back on Parent Club for more field trip tips next week

✓Read my Yummy Mummy Club article 10 March Break (or Anytime) Activity Ideas.
✓ Library, swimming pool, indoor ice rink are all great activities
✓ Movies at home or in the theatre are a special treat
✓ Kid swap! You take the kids this morning and I'll take them this afternoon.

Tip: Mix fun stuff with boring stuff so the kids will want to go back to school

✯ Book dentist and doctor appointments for the family
✯ Get an eye check up
✯ Go grocery shopping
Check back here for specific things to do, family events and kid activities for March Break.

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March 09, 2011

Parent Club on Real Moms

Tune into Thursday night at 7pm for my interview with Real Moms on Reality Radio.

We'll be discussing March Break activities, family field trips and maybe get personal talking about new babies in the brood!

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March 07, 2011

Fisher-Price Play Panel

I have been a Fisher-Price fan ever since the little girl down the street let me play with her Little People Tree House (which now sells on ebay for $285. Really).

You can imagine my smile when Fisher-Price invited me to be on the Fisher-Price Play Panel along with 7 other Canadian Moms.

Disclosure: I honestly enjoy Fisher-Price. So do my kids.

Here is the Fisher-Price Play Panel (with wee ones)

Do you spy?...@ParentClub, @MyChaos, @MmeCornue, @Ihchicky, @Jen_Banks, @DaniGirl? we are all there plus some!

I'm honoured to be part of this community and to work with a brand I've loved since childhood. Look for more from me and the Fisher-Price #Playpanel this coming spring.

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Travelzoo March Break Tips & Giveaway

March Break is upon us and the folks at Travelzoo have some tips for travelling families...

Ensure safe travels – When travelling with kids, it’s a good idea to stay at reputable resorts and hotels. Understand local customs and laws, have local contact information (e.g. hotels and hospitals), and travel health insurance, and make sure family and friends have your information in case your documents get lost or stolen.

Remember the extra costs! – To ensure that you stay within your budget, keep in mind that travelling a day earlier or later than the ideal departure date can dramatically impact your cost of flights and vacation packages. This is even more important when travelling with family. Also, if there is a restaurant that you are eager to try, go at lunch time rather than dinner as it will be significantly less costly. Finally, keep in mind additional costs including taxes, health insurance and cancellation fees. Remember to expect the unexpected, especially when travelling as a family.


The Prize: That basket of travel goodies (pictured above)

The Timeline: now to March 20

The Entry: Comment to this post about your dream family vacation (need ideas?...visit

The Rules (because life has rules):
  • one comment per day
  • open to Canadians only (sorry rest of the world)

    For An Extra Entry du jour
  • follow @ParentClub on twitter and tweet about this giveaway (and comment back here that you did so)

  • (Disclosure: Winner will be randomly chosen)