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April 09, 2011

Lamb cupcakes | #LMDConnector

We are amassing Spring kid activities and these cupcakes are on the top of the list.

(Disclaimer: no I haven"t made them yet. But I've got the marsh mellows and smarties at the ready).

I even think these would be pretty neat for an animal themed kids' birthday party.

This recipe, along with other easy recipes are over on the Life Made Delicious website. And FREE alert: General Mills is giving away coupons for FREE ICE CREAM on specially marked packages of General Mills cereal (nothing says Spring like ice cream).

Disclosure: I am part of the Life Made Delicious Blogger program and I receive special perks as part of my affiliation with this group. The opinions on this blog are my own.

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April 06, 2011


Calling all #zombiemoms: Apr. 6 mad tweet baby questions, cheer on tired parents & support pregger peeps. Tweet your mombie moment & follow #zombiemoms. What is #zombiemoms? We are a very welcoming, supportive and tired group of pregnant moms and parents-of-newborns on twitter.

We've created our little hashtag #zombiemoms as a thread for others to follow, chime in and cheer on night and day (and those night feedings get a lot less lonely when you have someone - in real time - to tweet with).

We tweet about babies, kids and parent life. #PPD. Diaper dilemmas. Marvelous Milestones. And whole a lot of mombie moments.

MOMBIE n: Mother who embodies Zombie-like qualities after months of sleep deprivation.*

Of late, I have been writing about how Blogging Makes Me A Better Mother and the importance of Making Friends With Other Mothers (i.e. How to pick up a Mom). Because having a social network (and safety net) for tired Moms (and Dads) is a day-changer and life-saver. The #zombiemoms "get" this.

Our little community is open to all - pregnant peeps and newborn-parent-tweeps, Moms, blog, tweet or Facebook status a mombie moment. And on April 6 we will be mad tweeting #zombiemoms to spread the word that there is a little corner of twitter specifically for zombiemoms (and Dads). Follow our thread and RT. Spread the #zombiemom luv. (on twitter I'm: @ParentClub)

(*Source: @TheKidDictionary)

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April 05, 2011

Parent Club Profile | Anne Marie Scheffler

Name please. Anne Marie Scheffler

Your Website? and

What's your specialty? (work-wise - you're probably pretty special at a lot of things) Live comedy..!

What's your shameless plug? (books, blogs, bling, etc.) I'm doing 2 spring shows of my one woman comedy "Suddenly Mommy!" at The Black Swan Upstairs (154 Danforth) on Tuesday April 5th and Saturday May 7th (Mother's Day Eve!) Both shows are at 8pm. Tickets available online at

Best thing about your work: I write what I know. It's funny because it's true.

Parent or not a parent? A (reluctant) mom and step-mom. I became a mother because my sister was starting to have kids and we are very competitive.

Share a typical Tuesday (really we want to hear how you "do it all")
How about today? I woke up in Parry Sound at my director's house (because that's where she moved when she became a mother), rehearsed the show for 3 hours, drove back to Toronto (about 3 hours- ate 2 chicken wraps from Tim Hortons in the car- lunch) and parked the car at home. Ran upstairs, changed clothes, applied make-up, drove to the school to pick up the boys at 330pm and made it to gymnastics for 4pm. Then, while my 4 year old gleeful participated in his gymnastics class, my 6 year old sat on my lap, crying about how he did not want to go to his class. Then home to a time out for my 6 year old for not participating, dinner (which my husband made.. he's a chef AND he likes to cook at home... I am so lucky), outside for a walk, tricycling and scootering, back inside for a cuddle on the couch watching Cat in the Hat (which I auditioned for) and then upstairs for bedtime. Then back downstairs for me for emails, writing and making a goal collage. Of what my life should really be like right now.

Do you blog?

Do you tweet? @clearlyblonde

Link to a post/portfolio/recipe piece you think shows your most supreme skills:

Wallflower or social butterfly? social butterfly- I remember everybody's name...

Name 3 people you would like to meet-in-person from Twitter (add why so we can follow them too)...Ellen- she has a TV show and she could put me on it
Tina Fey- I am her- she is me- we are twins- she just doesn't know it
Charlie Sheen- because I want to help him. I understand what it's like to be so crazy talented and so misunderstood.

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April 04, 2011

Entering a good, brilliant, priceless giveaway

Gentle nudge peeps to enter that giveaway over there (see the loverly Clover Leaf goodie basket). What is better than a basket which includes:
  • A Paderno knife
  • Small bamboo cutting board
  • of measuring spoons
  • Silicon spatula
  • $50 Visa Gift Card
  • Various Clover Leaf product (not exactly as pictured)

  • (Visa gift card?! Yay!)

    Better than all that is that Clover Leaf is donating 555 cans of tuna to local food banks in tandem with this challenge (woot woot for social good!)
    *Social good is good.
    *The way I got the kids involved in making lunch through this kid activity was a little brilliant.
    *A basket full of goodies to fill the pantry is priceless.

    Enter dear readers.
    Enter HERE.

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