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January 16, 2009

Charlie bit my finger - again!

Have you seen this? It has 75,123,047 hits. 75 million, 123 thousand and 47 hits! One British television interviewer described it that people are watching this video because it represents the whole human experience; attachment, love, trust, betrayal, pain, anger, forgiveness and resentment.

Plus, it's so true. I could easily see Thing 1 and Thing 2 doing this.


January 15, 2009

Vicks VapoRub Harmful?

Thanks to the Parent Club reader who e-mailed; Vicks VapoRub can harm toddlers: study. Thanks for sharing this because it is a good item. The report stems from "CHEST; journal of the American College of Chest Physicians".

Abstract now...rant later

This popular cold helper has been found to constrict airways in some younger children but maker says it is safe.

Read the full story HERE.

Rant Now
The grandmother notes the girl worsened after Vicks was applied under her nose. DAH! It says on the bottle "rub on chest, throat and back" NOT UNDER THE NOSE. There's even a pictogram - really - I got out my bottle to check. The bottle also goes on to note; "not for children under 2 years" (the baby in the case was 18 months old).

Creativity is for art projects not administering medications. Grandma - forgive me - but you are a bit of a twit. Administer ointments as directed not as you like - period -. This is a user-issue not an product issue.

This is a beautiful beast where the media scare parents with a bold, big font headline. Parents are busy people - and quite often headlines are their quick information. I don't think it's responsible to put out a controversial headline only to have the body of the article prove that headline wrong. What's that quote?..."Newspapers only have to be right for one day." - Hello?! I don't agree with this.

**Public Service Note: Vicks is safe when used as directed. Media is safe when read thoroughly. Stupid is as stupid does.

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January 14, 2009

Has Tea Time Tanked?

A recent poll presented that "...nearly one in two Canadians say tea time is out of date."

Thems fightin' words mister!

To loosely quote a tea commercial (from last year I believe) "Tea warms you up and cools you down". I love tea. I crave tea. It truly does warm and cool - both at the same time. In the moments where I am blog blocked or otherwise avoiding laundry...I make some tea for inspiration. Tea time isn't out of date. It's a break. A pause. A breath.

I've got my kids drinking pearl tea when they are feeling sick (a long-time family recipe of a bit of tea and a whole lotta milk - turning the tea the colour of a pearl). It's comforting.

I must admit, not every occasion warrants boiling water. Over the holidays, I served Canada Dry Green Tea Ginger Ale on recommendation from a fellow tea drinker. We aren't pop people but the green tea ale was a refreshing treat. At our New Year's Eve FĂȘte; those who weren't drinking Manhattans were drinking "tea".

Being that it is really - very - cold today in Canada. I suggest you go get a cup of tea. Prove tea time hasn't tanked. I'm drinking mine right now.

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January 13, 2009

Free Green Box at Loblaws

Some Toronto Loblaws stores are offering a FREE Green PC Box (Till January 22, 2009) with this coupon.

After reading; Parent Club green living tip a reader shared the information about the free green boxes. Merci for that to Parent Club reader; TMcM.

How else can we live a little greener?
  • Don't buy juice boxes. Instead send juice to school (or work) in a reusable BPA free (i.e. stainless steel) re-usable container.
  • Don't buy snack bags. Instead send snacks in re-usable containers. TIP: dry cereals are great snacks.
Juice boxes and pre-packaged snacks are convenient but you are paying for that luxury - truly they aren't family budget friendly.

Maybe it's because I saw An Inconvenient Truth again recently, or because we are all trying to save a little bit more money (just in case), or because it seems like a little effort for a bigger cause. Maybe it's all of the above, but I got my green bin today. You should too.

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January 12, 2009

Kids manipulating or needing???

Did I ever share that Karate is a big sport in our house? My prince, is a 3rd degree sensei. Thing 1 is an advanced blue belt (which, in our dojo, is 4 belts away from black belt). We have gone to the Karate dojo - practically - every weekend for years and years.

I think it's a great sport for kids. It teaches self-defence, anti-bully-ing skills, concentration & focus, fun, physical engagement...all that good stuff.

Here's my dilemma; Thing 2 refuses - REFUSES - to go into a class. I am right on that fence...between manipulation and need...wondering which side to go to.

See, Thing 2 says "I'll go to Karate -- if YOU go with me". Um...but bigger sibling; Thing 1 (that advanced blue belted kid) is already in the class. Your father is teaching the class. There are two family members already there. (see why I'm getting the manipulation vibe? -- do you really need ME when most of our little family is already there? This is my prince's chance to parent/teach. This is an opportunity to cut the cord and do something on your own. I took you to swimming lessons, pre-school, field trips and more. Can't you do this on your own?!)

Thing 2 will hit a pad. Throw a punch. Learn a kata in the living room. But the one time we got Thing 2 into a class; it ended in tears. I quit! we heard.

Here is the needs side of that fence. Maybe Thing 2 does need me because I have been the portable soother for most of Thing 2s life. I make things calmer, safer, better (insert SNOW PLOW PARENT here).

What would you do? Support in going to class solo? Wait? Sign-up and go with the child?

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