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March 30, 2011

Actions Vs Consequences

The other day school called*.

School: Hello Madame, Thing 2 seems to have forgotten snow pants today.
Me: Hi Madame, Thing 2 chose not to take snow pants today.
School: Well, she has no snow pants for recess...
Me: Then I guess she will be cold today.
School: Yes.
Me: Ok then, have a nice day.

Lesson in Actions Vs. Consequences here my friends. Forget to take your snow pants and you're going to be cold. Now, I could have dropped everything and rushed snow pants. I was close to doing it (but close only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades right?**). I would rush for a fever. For a hurting tummy. Even a headache. But for snow pants. No. That is my rushing stopping point. Because kids do need to learn about responsibility (I reminded Thing 2 to take snow pants in the morning. The fact that snow pants were not taken. That was a choice. Or a forgot. Either way it was Thing 2's action (or non-action). Actions Vs Consequences is a life skill.

Snow pants are the learning vehicle.

*that call was in French. and I was nursing at the time. so text may not be exactly verbatim. **that's a famous expression. really. google it. no hand grenades were used in writing this post.

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Sleep Stealers | Theresa Albert

It is a very fine balance that we ask our bodies to do daily. We ask the mind to wake up refreshed and the body recovered despite the rigours of yesterday and forecast of today’s stress. Rest is the “reboot” that is meant to erase all that and if it goes off the rails, so too the recovery. There are ways to do it better.

These are the things that could be stealing your sleep:

  • Stress is the number one reason people say they lay awake at night
  • Caffeine can take up to 20 hours to leave your system
  • Indigestion and eating late-prevents the body from creating “reboot” hormones that do their work while you slumber
  • Exercising late at night can keep you pumped when you should be in slow down mode
  • Adding magnesium rich foods can save the day!

    Here are your top tips:

    Fight stress:
  • there are undoubtedly some things you can’t change and simply have to learn to live with. Dividing them into 2 columns and writing them all down before bed gets them out of your head
  • once the “stress to forget” and “stress to do” lists are done, set up a good sleep routine. Computers, tvs and smartphones deliver stress not only because the information on them is endless, disturbing or distracting but also because their flickering lights are stimulating in and of themselves. Turn all gadgets and off 2-3 hours before bed.
  • Stop sneaky caffeine:
  • Assuming that you go to bed around 10 or 11 try to stop drinking caffeine by 2 or 3 pm. Cut back slowly from your usual last cup so withdrawal doesn’t get the better of you. It can take a long time to get used to less but your rest will thank you.

    Manipulate meals:
  • Give yourself at least 2-3 hours after eating before you expect your body to slumber

    Smart steps:
  • If the only time you can get your exercise is at night, set a cut off time of 2-3 hours before bed. It is better to get exercise and risk a little sleep interference than not get any at all. But be sure to cool down and stretch or meditate for a much longer time than you would have to if you work out in the morning. It cools the body and sets the mind up for rest.

    Smart Snacking or Supplementing
  • Magnesium is the nutrient that helps muscles relax so giving the body what it needs when it needs to use it is a good idea. Evening snacks (2-3 hours before bed) should include foods like oats (warm and comforting too!) dates, nuts, figs, molasses, seeds, wheat germ.
  • Here is a recipe for “sleep nut cookies” that uses many of the above ingredients. Two of those and a glass of warm milk before bed and you are good!
  • If you choose to take a supplement 100-250 mg of magnesium will suffice

    Sleeping tight isn’t just for children anymore and with just a little bit of tweaking anyone can have it. Footed PJ’s optional.

    Definitely not a finger wagger, as a registered nutritionist, Theresa Albert, DHN, RNCP, has a passion for simple, honest solutions to today’s lifestyle choices. She has provided content and comment for every major Canadian broadcaster and most of the newspapers and is forever pushing the bologna out of lunchboxes and out of the news media. In addition, as an avid social media user, blogger/writer and as a parent, she understands the struggles of balancing priorities in real life. In print newspapers and magazines, you will often see her quoted when an issue needs common sense clarification.

    Visit her website:
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    March 28, 2011

    Kid Friendly Recipes | Life Made Delicious

    I'm all about easy recipes these days. I've got a picky-eater in the house (no, not me...well, yes I am a picky-eater...but I'm talking about someone who is a kid in this case) anywho...that picky-eater makes Disclosure: Yes, I confess, I have opened the door to "this is a restaurant please give me your order" dinners. I have, on occasion, made two separate dinners to placate the masses. I own that I have grown the picky-eater all by my onesome. Moving on... Surfing the Life Made Delicious website (I am a LMDconnector you know)...I'm liking the Recipes for Kids section ever-so-much. My picky-eater will always eat pizza...and they have a pizza turnover recipe that looks try-worthy. (click on the link for the recipe) Mental reminder: make extra and you have school lunch for tomorrow. Brilliant n'est pas? There are enough challenges in dinner (and lunch) is my flag declaring I'm not picking my battle in the dining room. Yes, I'm raising a picky-eater. She'll get over it. One day. "Disclosure: I am part of the Life Made Delicious Connector program and I receive special perks as part of my affiliation with this group. The opinions on this blog are my own."

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