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December 14, 2007

Are your kids tired?

Does anyone else find that their children are completely wiped out at the end of the day? Perhaps, it's the extra energy spent in chilly recess hours. Perhaps, it's the nervous tension of school ending next week and the surprises of the season which follow. Whatever the kids are tired.

The emotion, over-tired anger and great frustration falls around the house like kinder surprise toys. Little, impractical yet everywhere I look.

I've imposed only one big activity per day per weekend (in addition to their Karate classes because I think they still need to have fitness in the routine). That means; no Child A can't come for a play date because we have the office family holiday party at 2pm. After the party we are going home. No, I'm sorry we can't stop by for a quick coffee. They will be showered and in bed at the usual bedtime. Why? These darlings are TIRED.

I've had enough of the crying and the whining; each putting me in a horrendous parenting mood. It isn't fun to be a frustrated parent. That is what this holiday season is turning me into...a sad-had-enough-parent.

Someone should put me to bed.

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December 13, 2007

Teacher Gift Ideas

  • Coffee Lovers Package; coffee mug + plastic spoon dipped in chocolate + certificate to coffee shop.

  • Baking package; homemade vanilla (see post), homemade vanilla sugar + muffin pan

  • Weekend Project; Building centre certificate + work gloves + clipboard.

  • Home Package; tablecloth + fancy napkins.

  • For the Classroom; sharpeners, pens, books, materials. Money donation for a class pizza lunch.

  • Practical Gifting; note paper, envelopes + national/international postage stamps.

  • Portrait of teacher, drawn by your child, placed in a nice frame.

  • Gift certificates

  • Tim Horton's

  • Indigo

  • Starbucks

  • Video rental

  • Movie passes

  • Or make a donation in the teacher's name

  • Foster Parents Plan

  • Local Food Bank

  • Toronto Public Library


  • Make A Wish Foundation

  • Hospital for Sick Kids - Toronto


  • Ontario Early Years Centre

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December 12, 2007

A Good Website

Travel is a whole different kind of organization when young children are involved. Parent Club was approached by a parent who has become an expert in the family travel field. This travel mom created; a website that offers a one-stop-shop to make travel easier for parents and kids.

What makes this website good for the Parent Club? The trip report tag has many reviews of destinations by country and hotel. What are the rooms like? What kind of food will you find? What are the best activities? This is a great resource for getting the feel of what your family wants and needs on a great vacation. The tips & info. tag presents packing tips and food thoughts. A perfect marriage for getting ready for your trip.

A valuable information source is the links & articles tag. You can find baby rental company information for across Canada, the U.S.A. & Spain. Rent cribs, strollers, high chairs and more. This is an essential resource for all travelling parents.

This website has so much more that we suggest you check it out for yourself. Thanks to Corinne McDermott of "havekidswilltravel" for bringing this resource to our attention.

If you have a great website you would like to share...e-mail Parent Club

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December 11, 2007

Parent Club

Don't forget to add Parent Club to your favourites so that you can easily read the Parent news each morning.

New posts are added everyday, around 9am. The event calendar is updated weekly so you can plan your upcoming weekend's schedule of activities.

Just like our respective families -- Parent Club is growing everyday...thanks for your loyalty!

Have a comment? Have a suggestion? We'd love to hear from us at

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December 10, 2007

Here are some great books for kids that help develop vocabulary and reading skills. What I like about them is that they incorporate images into the sentences so that pre-readers can participate in reading by naming the images. We even uses the images as games for de-briefing (i.e. can you find a pink bow? Where is the glass jar?).

    Sourimousse (a series of books) by Fran├žois Gilson et Peral. French books. Temporarily out of stock at amazon and indigo, check a local french bookstore to see if they have them in stock. Vocabulary images at front and back of the books.

    Not So Perfect Princess by Nicola Baxter. Also, author of the Not So Perfect Ballerina. English. Books. Both books have an imperfect main character who makes mistakes but it's OK not to be perfect. Vocabulary images run along side each page.

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