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September 30, 2010

Parent Club Profiles: Dee Brun | Cocktail Deeva

Name please…

Dee Brun

Organization name?

Cocktail Deeva

What's your specialty? (work-wise - you're probably pretty special at a lot of things)

I am a Bar Chef and Entertaining Guru...

What's your shameless plug? (books, blogs, boyfriends, etc…)

I live with George Clooney…I brag at … …I have verbal diarrhoea at have a book … but then again who doesn't…

Best thing about your work:

I get to make Cocktails, save boobs and meet FABULOUS people…What's not to love !

Parent or not a parent?

Parent..of 4 little Weeva's

Share a typical Tuesday (really we want to hear how you "do it all")

Oh I love Tuesday…no sports or anything…big kids go to school…little kids wear on my last nerve. I grocery shop on Tuesday…I cook a fancy pants meal on Tuesday. I drink wine on Tuesday…Tuesday is my run around and save the world in one foul swoop kind of day.

Do you blog?

I do…well I try…

Do you tweet?

Yes..too damn much…

Link to a post/portfolio piece you think shows your most supreme skills:

Wallflower or social butterfly?

Social pterodactyl

Name 3 people you would like to meet-in-person at #Blissdom Canada?

Oh my many...

  • Jen Taylor- LittleMissMocha - She tells me she's cool…;)
  • Chris Eh Young - He's a dude on Twitter…let's see if he rocks it in real life…I think he will
  • Julie Cole - Want to see if she's a Cyborg…has to be to do what she does with 6 kids.

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September 29, 2010

LG's "Life's Good, suck it up!" Blogger Challenge - Jour Trois

THE WHAT: LG Kompressor

THE HOW: jour trois of the blogger challenge

THE WHY: because we're always up for a challenge - we're parents!

Jour trois: Household mess
  • You know what I'm liking about this vacuum? - (if really one could "LIKE" a vacuum) - the super long cord (30 ft apparently). No more: plug in, vacuum, plug out, change rooms, plug Plug once - vacuum often.
  • Am not used to an upright vacuum so taking a bit of time to get used to (but that's a #userissue).
  • however am used to a retractable cord (I did mention the cord before right?). Retractable cord is a must-have.
  • good performance - in the bedroom and out ;-)

    Overall - the "empty less" concept is a big bonus (especially for users like moi who do not empty bags as often as one should). Trusted brand name with a good product. And what is not to like about a 5 year part and labour warranty?

    Parent Club would like to thank LG for this challenge. We are always interested in presenting products/ideas/services/experiences which make family life a little easier.

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  • September 28, 2010

    LG's "Life's Good, suck it up!" Blogger Challenge - jour deux

    THE WHAT: LG Kompressor

    THE HOW: jour deux of the blogger challenge

    THE WHY: because we like to share how to make life easier

    Jour deux: Household mess

  • To start off - the kids each wanted a turn first with the vacuum #goodsign
  • The "click and go" wand? LOVE IT! Can reach those icky spiderwebs up there and can grab that dustball on the bottom step...with a reach in either direction.

    Like the wind - you know about it but don't see it: It has a hepa filter which apparently captures 99.97% of dust mites and pollen. I don't see dust mites or pollen but I believe this "sucker" can get them.

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  • September 27, 2010

    LG's "Life's Good, suck it up!" Blogger Challenge

    THE WHAT: Test drive LG's asthma & allergy friendly certified vacuum cleaners

    THE WHY: Pet hair and messes just suck

    THE HOW: LG has provided a vaccuum, "clean house kit" (comprising of cheerios, coffee and dirt)and carpet to challenge blogger Vs. LG.

    Day 1: The House Kit Challenge

    Vaccuuming is so much of a challenge than a chore isn't it? - (let's be honest here). This is the virgin voyage of the KOMPRESSOR.

  • impressed by the suction
  • though we have no pet hair - it does remove coffee grinds and dirt from fabrics effectively

    *hey Canadians - the LG Kompressor is available at Home Depot

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  • Disney Memories - I have mine

    Where in the world has Parent Club been? New York! Invited by Disney Parks to hear what's on deck for Mickey & friends.

    Along with some other fantabulous Canadian media, we had a chance to share Disney Memories. Mine? (and you can verify this with my Mom) - my one and only Disney Memory is NOT going on the Dumbo ride, when I was 5, because the line up was too long. It is true what chairman of Walt Disney Parks and Resorts said "A Disney vacation is the perfect way to create family memories that will last a lifetime"...I have never forgotten that Dumbo ride.

    The actual Disney event included appearances by Tom Bergeron (Dancing with the Stars, America's Funniest Videos) along with Michael J. Fox (Back to the Future). Their own Disney Memories were honest and funny.

    The deets on what's on deck for Disney:

  • Disney is sending out a "Call for Memories" - share your stories, video & photos of Disney moments. Selected memories will be used in TV commercials, social media as well as being projected on to Cinderella's castle and It's a Small World.
  • The newest Disney Cruise "The Disney Dream" will launch in Jan. 2011 cruising from Vancouver, BC. to Alaska. (Have never been on a cruise myself...but this might be a good vacation choice for families like mine...where the kids don't actually enjoy rides or noisy amusement parks).

    For more information go to

    Photo left: moi - 7 months pregnant in Times Square. Thank you Disney for the Memories!

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