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November 14, 2008

Parent Club Calendar

  • GANZ pre-christmas warehouse sale. October 28th to December 6th. CASH ONLY - ALL SALES FINAL. 610 Hanlan Road, Woodbridge, ON.

    Hours: Tuesday to Friday 11 a.m. to 7 p.m., Saturday 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. CLOSED SUNDAYS AND MONDAYS
  • Thumbelina, Solar Stage Theatre
  • Royal Agricultural Winter Fair, Direct Energy Centre (Toronto)

  • Toronto Santa Claus Parade Time: 12:30 PM

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  • November 13, 2008

    Holiday Gifts - Photobooks

    Someone asked me recently if I've started shopping for Christmas? WHAT? No, really - shopping already?! But then I had to drop by Costco over the weekend (remember those 72 mini quiche?)- and boy are people ever shopping!!

    I am not one who enjoys shopping. I am also a compulsive planner (we all know this right?). So photo gifts are right up my alley. Now this is unsponsered. I actually do like photo gifts. Probably because I don't print any pictures out over the year -- and feel guilty -- so I pick 12 pictures for a calendar and give it to my husband to show him all - 12 - memories of last year.

    Last year I did our photo calendar at Loblaws Photolab. I have no idea if there prices are competitive - I just knew I could pick up the calendar when I went for bread - and my life is all about convenience.

    A few years ago, I published "a MOM book; Some suggestions for your first year of motherhood"
    (picture is on top -that's Thing 2 on the cover) through It was really easy and the quality was good. It's a U.S. company so you pay duty on larger orders (darn it). But you can order as little as 1 book. Great if you want to make a family recipe book, travel book, kid's childhood book, grandparent memory book...

    If you have any ideas on holiday shopping - where I don't actually have to enter a store with Thing 1 and Thing 2 - I'd love to hear them!


    November 12, 2008

    But it's important to ME

      Moi: "I bought tickets for us to go to the auction"
      Lui: "Am I supposed to go?
      Moi: (a bit hurt) "Well, I've gone to XYXY"
      Lui: (paying more attention to the cheese than the conversation) "...but I didn't ask you to go" (insert me quietly walking away here.
    On the rare occasion, when I voice up wanting something -- I assume the importance of the intention is evident. I voiced it. Funnily, me quietly walking away stole the attention from the cheese much more than the conversation (in fairness - it was a good block of OKA). And we went to the auction. And it was fine.

    I, like most Moms I know, think voicing up does mean intended importance. If I'm asking - it means - well - I AM ASKING. Where is the confusion?

    I went to a day long writing conference a few weeks ago. "Who's going to babysit" asked Thing 1. "Papa" I replied. "ok, but who's going to babysit?" questioned Thing 2. I didn't even ask if Papa could take care of Things 1 and 2. I just sent a blackberry PIN - "You're taking care of Things 1 and 2 on this day - for the whole day". It was important to me. I made it happen.

    Maybe, I just shouldn't ask. Shouldn't assume. I should just make it happen. Oh, and feel no regret. That's a big one. Feel no regret in doing something that is important to ME.

    We should all do that.


    November 11, 2008

    Remembrance Day

    Free Clipart

    I had a few conversations, over the weekend, about the death of 14 year old Brandon Crisp. Tragic. Accident. How does a parent recover from loosing a child over a video game?

    We talked about Leslie Mahaffy. The anger, resentment and guilt of having a child snatched from your life. The outrage and inhumanity of learning your baby was dismembered.

    We talked about the 8 year old boy who is being tried for a double murder in the states. Whether there was abuse, insanity, video games, bullying...that boy's childhood is dead. Innocence gone.

    This Remembrance Day - I encourage you to remember everyone who has passionately fought for life - whether in or out of uniform


    November 10, 2008

    Blog Block

    I've got a heady case of blog block right now. Apologies. I've got oodles of things I want to write about...
    • the EECC auction I attended this weekend
    • meeting Jack Layton
    • baking 72 mini quiche and 24 cupcakes within a two hour period
    • hosting a fan-ta-bu-lous birthday party with 9 screaming Things
    • going out on a date with my husband and NOT taking a purse (this is HUGE - never happens - the date nor the forgetting the bag)
    • anxiety and antivan (former; horrible, latter; loverly)
    • 14 year old boy; Brandon Crisp being finally found (hoping his family finds peace of memories of happier times together)
    • hearing of a boy in the U.S. who shot his own dad
    I write. I delete. I write again. My head is all over the place with all of these things. I just don't know where to start...

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