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July 31, 2009

Time Out for Parent Club

Despite looking for Super Mom Inspiration which led to Re-Calculating Parenting...despite it all...I'm headed into some unexpected surgery today (yep - the hospital kind).

While I'm away (just for a bit - I'm far too addicted to the blogosphere to be gone very long) feel free to leave reading suggestions, virtual gifts of chocolate layer cake and offers to take care of laundry - in the comment field.


July 29, 2009


Time to get some holiday shopping done early...2009 TILLEY ENDURABLES ANNUAL SECONDS SALE.

When: August 8th through August 16th.

Save 40% to 70% of a whole slew of top-notch items in discontinued styles, colours and some ‘seconds’. There’ll be Tilley Hats, men’s and women’s pants, shorts, shirts, skirts, Tilley Liberty Prints, TilleySilks and much more! As well, you’ll find special buys on brand name bags, jackets, vests and other travel accessories. Wheelchair accessible.

1100 O’Connor Drive

Nearest intersection is O’Connor Drive & Victoria Park
1100 O’Connor Dr. is south of O’Connor Drive & Victoria Park
Telephone #: 416.444.5861

Monday to Friday, 9 a.m. to 8 p.m.
Saturday, 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.
Sunday, 11 a.m. to 5 p.m.

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July 28, 2009

Parent Club Review: Bagel Os

The Parent Club Test Panel has been at it again...

The What:

Brand new, bite-size bagels filled with gourmet cream cheese. The delicious bites come in four flavours (herb and garlic, plain, blueberry and smoked salmon)and are kosher and completely nut-free. They're available across Canada in Shoppers Drug Mart, Wal-Mart and Giant Tiger.

The Review:

Bagel o's come in a neat little presentation. According to the paperwork, you can buy them in a sleeve of 3 or by the box of 12. We tried the plain, blueberry (plain with blueberry cream cheese) and garlic and chive (whole wheat bagel with garlic and chive cream cheese).

The product itself is slightly bigger than a timbit. On the directions it says to either microwave or toast, but if these went into the toaster they would not come out (too small) Toasting is my preference so I popped them in the oven as I do not have a toaster oven, but that wouldn't be an efficient option in the morning.

As for taste, they were fantastic. I liked the smaller sizing so if you only wanted 1 that would be fine. My daughter LOVED the blueberry ones. I had thawed them overnight in the fridge and they were very fresh and VERY tasty.

Some downfalls in my opinion were as follows.
  • First off, there was no nutritional info listed on the package or paperwork, including ingredients. So my son who has a severe egg allergy did not try them because I couldn't be sure they were egg free. I did attempt to go to the website to see if any info was listed there, but the "link appears to be broken" and I could not get onto the site.
  • Also, the only whole wheat option was the garlic and chive. My preference is to always chose whole wheat if I can where my children are involved and my daughter would not eat that flavour so that would be a hindrance to me purchasing them.

If I had the option of whole wheat, I would definitely chose to purchase these products as a quick option for breakfast for myself or my kids. I liked that it was not a whole bagel, although I would need to see the nutritional info before I made my mind up entirely as to how they would stack up against bagels we have bought in the past, as all the paperwork said was "starting at 70 calories"

(Parent Club Test Panelists: Mom & Dad with two children aged pre-school & toddler)

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July 27, 2009

Re-Calculating Parenting

Am going through one of those parenting/life chapters where you get one (or more) wake-up calls to re-calculate parenting priorities. It's easy to get caught up in the details and stress about the small stuff (and I am a professional stressor-of-small-stuff).

However, when Kids Almost Drown all of a sudden you realize: good God, Ghandi, Allah "insert your deity here" -- that was life changing.

Like when you look away for a moment in a store and look back to the cart and your child is gone. Like when you go for a routine medical appointment and are told something's really wrong. Like when you see your child almost fall off the monkey bars and notice-only-then the broken glass in the sand underneath.

All these things make you re-calculate parenting. You make promises to yourself like: I'll make more time to read to them at night. I'll serve more vegetables. I'll work less this summer. As if these, personal promises, will stop all-and-any-future reality wake-up calls. (knowing they won't).

The thing about not stressing about the details of wake-up calls is that you re-play the damn moment over and over. If I had paid more attention at the pool. If I had only gone in sooner for that medical appointment. If I had been closer to the monkey bars instead of chatting with the other moms. The devil is in the details of parenting...

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