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March 20, 2009

March Break Tip #6 - Boys and Girls

March Break tip for boys; xtreme race. That's it. That's all we've got for boys today. xtreme race. Get out the skateboards, the pilons, the bikes and hockey sticks. Set up teams (of whatever boys are in your house or 'hood) and make up an xtreme race. That's all we've got for boys today. Have a nice weekend and see you Monday.

March Break tip for girls: Spa! Recommend you take your little fingers (and those of your daughters) to a spa for a mini-polish. It's is so girly. So fun (even if you don't like getting your nails done). So HSM (if you don't know HSM - then you are probably the mother of a boy -- and you should have stopped reading at the "see you Monday" part).

We recommend Spa La Vida (407 Donlands Avenue, Toronto). Welcoming staff, great service. Thing 1 had aquamarine blue with butterfly stickers and Thing 2 had copper sparkles with butterflies. They ADORE it. Great Mother's Day idea!

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March 19, 2009

March Break Tip #5: Canada Blooms

Canada Blooms is a great destination for families during March Break - for gardeners and non-gardeners alike.

It is very family-friendly as kids will love the Bienenstock Natrual Playground. Filled with sand for playing in, xylophones and whale drums to be played upon, slides in the garden, worms to find, clay creatures to make and bird seed balls to craft. It is a fun kid place in the middle of an adult show. Parental supervision is required and there is stroller parking.

If you go with your partner - and the kids get a little tired - he/she can volunteer to take them to the Family Rest Area while you surf the show just a little longer. The rest area is brought to your by Barbie Presents Thumbelina. The area is filled with comfy child-sized chairs (adult chairs along the wall). Kids can enjoy the movie and take a break from the adult world.

Parents can enjoy the gardens, the booths the speaker series and the smell of spring in the air. Best of all children under 12 are free - so it is a budget-friendly family field trip.

The show runs Mar. 18 - 22nd.

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March 18, 2009

March Break Tip #4 - Arts & Extras

March Break is - at this point - feeling fun yet a little long. Seriously, are we really only mid-week?!

Time to get out the arts & crafts box. Thank blog for youtube: keyword search CRAYOLA.

As for the extras? Four words. Swim suits in the bathtub. It will change your afternoon!

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March 17, 2009

March Break Tip #3 - Give unto others

This tip is "Give unto others" - meaning; give your kids unto others. We're talking a formal - somebody else is in charge of you for at least 2 hours - type of day.
  • A.) It gives the kids a break from you (and vice versa). Fresh blood is a great thing for vampires and kids.
  • B.) It allows you to work/go to the gym/have a coffee/do some laundry/whatever it is you need to do - without the kids at your elbows.
We've got a day of Karate camp booked. Thing 2 will probably be in tears at some point (first camp experience and the child is easily intimidated by large groups). But I'm ok with tears. It's another part of cutting the cord (and boy, am I ready to cut that cord).

I think kids need new experiences to grow a bit of personal courage (and Thing 2 has lots of pride but not much courage so that's something we need to gently work on). A day camp or program is good because it can let a child try something new - without the commitment of enrolling in the sport/activity.

So today, the kids go to Karate camp. I get that research project finished off. I'll pick up the kids and grab a movie from the library as a treat on the way home (LOVE the library - do you know you can search and order movies online and then they call you when they are ready to be picked up? Why would anyone go to a video store?)

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March 16, 2009

March Break Tip #2 - Out To Lunch

Today's March Break activity tip is to go out to lunch. Well, not just lunch. It's a whole take the bus and subway downtown, visit my prince's place of work and go to lunch. It's a big deal in our house.
  • Because going on public transit is - for some reason - fun for kids (they'll change that tune when they get their driver's license - ask for the keys to the car - but get a bus ticket instead).
  • Because going to a place of work is - for some reason - fun for kids. At my prince's place of work - it's like trick or treating for my kids. Every desk has a candy dish and they come home with quite the sugar haul.
  • Because - kids wonder what parents do all day when they are at school/daycare (a sort of philosophical quandary: Do parents exist when children are not around?)
In general (and if you do not work for the crown) parents enjoy showing off their children - for a few minutes - in the workplace. A quick visit is a good activity.

Take advantage; have the kids dress a little nicer and perhaps - get out of the yoga wear yourself.

Food Tip: stay away from McDonalds. It is proven anti-Newton theory: What goes down must always come back up

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