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January 11, 2008

Three Cheers for Dirty Little Secrets

Hip Hip Hooray! I am a secretkeeper. I have hoodwinked, mislead and - yes - fibbed to my children (for their benefit mind you). Three cheers for guilt-free, hurt-free, dirty little secrets!

Yesterday I grated zucchini and worked them into beef and spices for homemade hamburgers. When it came time to eat...the littliest LOVED the food. The oldest did spy a fleck of green and asked about it - but naughty me said "it's just the spice". Knowing she would accept "spice" better than "vegetable" any day. A little fib to get a little - yet new - veggie into their tummies. Tasted moist and great.

Just made some homemade carrot muffins today but included ground flax seed (as it is full of good fibre and a source of omega-3 -- so my nutritionist tells me). I thought it would be a good addition to not only my, but the whole family's, diet. We'll see if the kids notice a difference from the regular breakfast muffins on the table.

One last secret - filthy but not quite dirty. I have compiled four garbage bags filled with toys, tablecloths and pillowcases that will be donated to a family shelter. Filthy was the state of the floor of the toy room once I organized all the stuff that covered the floor. The kids don't know I've pitched some of their toys - I doubt they will notice as most of the bag contents are items that have lived on the bottom of the toy box for a very long time.

Little secrets can be very empowering!

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January 10, 2008

The Other Mile High Club

Check out my new article; "The Other Mile High Club" published on

    Our fellow passengers could tell this wasn't the first time I was going to join someone in the WC.

    My confession: whenever I fly I partake in a twosome (once a threesome!) in a cramped lavatory. On this flight, my partner dropped her pants with speed and exclaimed with hushed excitement "Mom, I didn't wet my pants!" This is my diary of The Other Mile High Club...


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January 09, 2008

Where to Donate?....

Make a list of some super quality used kid items you have and e-mail it to your circle of friends. Someone might have a use for the stroller or the snowsuit that's in your basement.

Take your stuff to Once Upon A Child or your neighbourhood consignment shop to earn some cash. I took a well used double stroller to Once Upon A Child and walked out with $100. I think "brand" names sell best.

Put your items up on craigslist or freecycle.

Ontario Early Year's Centres - accepts gently used toys.

Red Door Shelter -- offer safe and supportive shelter to families. They have a moving program where you can donate dressers, beds, kitchen tables, etc. to help a family get themselves back on their feet. Tel: 416-915-5671 ext. 222

Sistering A Woman's Place - a United Way agency. Welcomes gently used woman's clothing & shoes. Teapots, kettles, coffee pots, cups, plates.

The Hospital for Sick Children accepts NEW IN PACKAGE toy donations. Due to the safety of their patients they cannot accept used toys or animals. For a listing of the items they welcome; SICK KIDS WISH LIST

STUFF Canada is a non-profit that accepts your donations and passes them along to partnered charities in the Toronto area. Their website provides endorsements and their partner list. They accept; diapers (all sizes), clothing, baby formula and baby food -- in jars. STUFF CANADA

U.S. Army soldier Edmay Mayers is collecting previously loved stuffed animals for the children in Iraq. Mail your toys to;
Edmay Mayers
APO AE 09331

Where do I donate used clothing and housewares?

Salvation Army Canada - drop off clothes
Canadian Diabetes Association - Clothesline - pick up available
Goodwill Greater Toronto - drop off clothes
Ontario Centre for Cerebral Palsy - pick up available
Oasis Clothing Bank - drop off or pick up available

Where do I donate old computers & cell phones?

Computers for Schools
Canadian Diabetes Association - Project Redial (Cell Phones)

Where can I donate furniture?

Furniture Bank

Where can I donate our house renovation stuff?

Habitat for Humanity Restores

Where can I donate eyeglasses?

Lions Club

You can also find a greater listing of charities which accept donations at

FYI - Some charities re-sell your items to stores such as Value Village to turn the donated materials into money for the programmes and services of the organization.

Research Sources; charityvillage, City of Toronto, google and parentclub.

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January 08, 2008

Recycle Your Stuff

My house is brimming with stuff. Everywhere I look, in every nook and cranny there is stuff. We just don't need this much stuff.

So at the end of the winter school break, I took the children into the toy room and asked them to sort out what things they think they should give to the "little girl". We talk often of the "little girl" who doesn't have as much food as we have in our cupboards - so we take boxes of cereal for her to the food drives at our supermarket. She doesn't have quite as many clothes as we have - so we pack up our gently used duds and drop them off at the local clothing bank. She doesn't have as many toys as we have - so we choose some toys in the toy room that might be better appreciated by our "little girl."

Kids can be empathetic to the image of a child in need. They can also be great at sharing. From litter-less lunches to wearing hand-me-downs, kids learn very early in life the concept of recycling.

Tomorrow, I will post a listing of where you can donate your gently used you family can help our friend the "little girl".

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January 07, 2008


The January 2008 Baby issue of Help!...We've Got Kids is now available. Full of information for new and seasoned parents - it's a great read.

Go to their website at to sign up for this FREE newsletter.

Help!...We've Got Kids newsletters are written and edited by Caroline Fernandez.


January 06, 2008

Make your own ABC Book

Ready for something new? Get out your digital camera and create a customized ABC book for your family. You could make a true ABC book starting with a photo of an Apple and ending with a close-up of your child's Zipper.

Smaller sized project ideas include;

  • morning routine - take pictures of toothbrush, hairbrush, potty, cereal bowl. Underwear, socks, pants & shirt.

  • What do I wear? - take pictures of mittens, warm hat, snow pants, boots.

  • Who do I love? - take pictures of siblings, pets, parents, grandparents, friends.

  • Yummy foods - take pictures of favourite dishes for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks

  • What are my chores? - take pictures of child making his/her bed, putting water in pet's bowl, child doing homework, child reading a book.

Then print the pictures on your home computer or at your photo shop. You can laminate pictures at a business shop for a more lasting book. Bind with spiral binding or rings.

This is a good learning tool for pre-readers. Also, it's a good tool to introduce French vocabulary by creating a bilingual or French version.

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