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October 31, 2008

FREE Colouring Pages

Got kids who like to color? Looking for free printable coloring pages? has more than 2500 FREE Coloring Pages to give you with hours upon hours of free coloring page fun!
(hey, clicking the picture won't get you anywhere - click text link or click HERE)

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Thank Blog! - Happy Halloween

Free Clipart

Thank blog it's finally Halloween. Yes, the kids have been excited - during the DAY at least. This "Mary Black/Bloody Mary" fear of Thing 1 has led to sleeping on the matelas beside my bed. Ghost talk at school is a powerful thing dear readers.

A friend, with a similarly fearful child, asked me recently "Why Halloween anyway?!" -- well below is a neat (yes, I use the word "neat" - also use "neat-o" too - I'm just like that) powerpoint presentation (not made by me) about the origins of Halloween. I was looking for something to show Thing 1 about the background of Halloween - but really - I don't think we should go there. More talk = more thinking = more not sleeping bc Thing 2 is crying. Nope - not going there.

Especially when the tooth fairy visited this week -- how do you discuss rationally "ghosts aren't real - but yes, a fairy stranger -came into your room last night". Nope, I'm not going there.

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October 30, 2008

Parent Club tip: Halloween Haul

Remember I told you that someone in our 'hood gives out cans of pop for Halloween? makes for a very heavy loot bag (and a lot of unnecessary whining - A-LOT).

So here's a Parent Club tip: Parents carry a canvas bag, kids carry buckets. I prefer the kids to carry buckets because a.) I found some glow in the dark ones a few Halloween's ago at a dollar store that we re-use. b.) You don't need to open and close a bucket (as you do a bag). c.) The kids can see their treats.

When the buckets get close to full - they dump their loot into the canvas bag that I carry (packhorse I tell you) and we continue. When I decide the bag is heavy enough (about 5 streets) we head home.

Yes, it's (yet another) case of me being a snowplow parent; clearing the way for my kids and making life easier for them. Yes, they could, should, would carry their own loot. But the night is about getting a treat right?...

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October 29, 2008

Halloween Trade-it

Around my house - there really aren't that many trick or treaters so my kids really clean up in the candy department. There is one house that gives cans of pop (makes for one friggin' heavy loot bag I'll tell you), there is the house that gives handfuls and handfuls of chocolate (take one more please), there is the house that gave away "God will save you" pamphlets (Why?!). We get a great haul of treats. No one needs that much candy.

Parent Club Halloween tip; Trade-in the Halloween candy. This works with older kids (for the younger ones...just throw out the candy, bag it up to go to the office, or eat it yourself after the kids go to bed). But for older kids...this is a neat tip.

At the end of the week - make a trade-it deal with the kids. If they give you half of the treats which are remaining in their loot bags - they can trade it for something else (a trip to the dollar store, a movie, a play date, an outing).

We've done this a couple of years now -- and it really works. The kids are excited to do a trade (they usually give away what they don't like; boxes of raisins, Carmel's, bubble gum, suckers). The trade gets the loot out of the house - but retains a "treat" feeling as the kids get a new privilege.

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October 28, 2008

Halloween Kids Songs

Looking for some fun Halloween songs for your kids? is a great place to find and listen to Halloween music.

Parent Club tip: Halloween music doesn't have to be scary...theme songs to cartoons and family shows do the job really well!


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October 27, 2008

Halloween this Friday

Free Clipart

I will tell you now...plan on eating hot oatmeal, making grilled cheese or ordering pizza this Friday night. Halloween has never been a "traditional, healthy, good solid meal" day.

  • You have to carve the darn pumpkin (add 15 minutes to your schedule)
  • There's always one trick-or-treater that comes at 5:45 (add 5 minutes to your schedule)
  • The kids are too buzzed because there has been some party or dance-a-thon at school (add 1 time-out to your schedule)
  • The kids need help getting into their costumes (add 5 minutes of giggles to your schedule)
  • You wait for the other parent to get home from work before you leave for trick or treating (add 10 minutes of painful whining to your schedule)
  • The twist top wine bottle you bought for the evening actually has a cork (add a whole lot of regret and 5 minutes to your schedule)

How, in heaven's name, can you actually make dinner on an evening like this? Make Halloween easy - plan on a quick, nourishing, quick meal.

Parent Club will spotlight Halloween all this week!