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February 01, 2008

Just Published...

The February Help!...We've Got Kids newsletter has just jumped into inboxes all over the place. This month you'll find detailed information on private schools and pre-schools. The dish on getting dinner delivered (or having a personal chef in the kitchen). Plus, great family events.

Go to Help!...We've Got Kids to sign up for this FREE informative newsletter.

Help!...We've Got Kids newsletter editor/writer: Caroline Fernandez


Snow Days

Parent Club has links to school bus information and school cancellations. Click on the links to the left - just below the Calendar.

It's going to be snowy and chilly this weekend. Enjoy some down time with a bowl of popcorn and a movie.

Though Disney and Pixar are the safe choices. Why don't you revisit your own story? Dig out the tapes of your wedding, the babies 1st bath, that time at the cottage...

Your kids will love seeing themselves as babies. You might remember something you have forgotten. Good times.

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January 31, 2008

Children's Fitness Tax Credit

Remember this is the year to keep the paperwork for your child's Karate class. The government of Canada is allowing a non-refundable tax credit, up to $500 per child (under 16), paid by parents for registration of a child in a physical activity.

According to the government's site; a "eligible program" must be;

  • ongoing (either a minimum of eight weeks duration with a minimum of one session per week or, in the case of children's camps, five consecutive days)

  • supervised

  • suitable for children

  • substantially all of the activities must include a significant amount of physical activity that contributes to cardio-respiratory endurance plus one or more of: muscular strength, muscular endurance, flexibility, or balance.

To learn more about the children's fitness tax credit for 2007 go to;


January 30, 2008


Just confirmed...Medieval Times Toronto is running a special where kids are FREE.

    What: Medieval Times Toronto - Show and Dinner

    When: Performances between now and February 29th

    How: FREE kid ticket with purchase of an adult ticket

    Order: On-line or by phone

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January 29, 2008

Virtual Communicating

Anyone there?...Anyone at all?...

Being the parent of young children can be very isolating. Even though you are in constant company of another human, even though you are very active in your daily can feel so alone. I remember going to play dates only to realize on the drive home that the parents chased children more than they chatted. I remember calling up my mother - with no news to tell - just hear the voice of another grown-up.

Are you in this Club?

There are many on-line destinations where you can get your fill of social networking and communication. Even for parents away from the workforce there are many sites that can keep you in the know.

  • Facebook; social network where you can get in contact with co-workers, classmates, friends & family. On-the-job people beware -- facebook posts the dates/times you message people. Also beware of invitations for applications (not on your e-mail - just on the website).

  • LinkedIn; career social network. Like six degrees of separation. I know someone who got their job at google - in part to knowing someone on LinkedIn - who knew someone at google.

  • forums. They have forums for food, family. book club and more. Post, read, communicate.

  • Today's Parent. Sister site with Chatelaine. Has forums and expert columns. Also has a new Garage Sale area on the site where you can buy/sell you gently used kid stuff.

  • MySpace. Much like facebook

  • youtube. OK not social networking - but you can find very neat informative videos with the keyword search. That's where I found out how to make fortune tellers.

This article is part of a series on Parent Club making life a little easier this year

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January 28, 2008

Baby Food Basics

There's a lot of marketing of how ready-to-serve organic baby foods are at par with other shelved baby foods. I must, present my own completely biased opinion, that homemade organic (or not) baby food is as cost-friendly, portable and ready-to-eat as the shelved versions.

In addition, if you are buying the best, most fresh veggies, for you will probably eat them yourself. Both kids and parents deserve the best nutrition. If you're making a batch of baby food broccoli - you'll save a few "trees" as your side with dinner tonight.

How easy is baby food?

  • Take your vegetable, cut it and cook it (I prefer steaming as it retains the nutrients).

  • At the same time as you cook your veggies...boil some water in your kettle - then let it cool.

  • Put your cooked veggies and sterilized water in your blender and puree.

  • When serving; combine pureed veggie with infant cereal.

You can purchase Baby Cubes at locations across Toronto or at These individual cubes (lids attached) are great for storing and freezing baby food. Perfect serving size, portable, dishwasher's a great shower present for an expectant Mom.

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