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March 14, 2009

March Break Tip #1: Hunting & Sports

This is the first in a week long March Break activity series

Scavenger hunts are a great March Break activity (also a pretty cool birthday party activity). Time to break out those plastic Easter eggs (you'll be needing them in a couple of weeks anyway!).

Younger kids can't find mittens to save their lives -- but they will eagerly look for coloured plastic ovals (go figure). For older kids - put messages, riddles, problems inside the eggs to make it more of a challenge (there I go again...making something a "teachable moment" - forgive me).

Hint: if you need a few minutes to yourself to work, twitter, throw in a load of laundry -- have the kids hide the eggs for YOU to find.

Hunting is the sport of kings...(well, really falconry). Moving on...let us switch from a sport of kings to sports of the common kid. These are FREE activities and also tire the kiddies out - which - is loverly come bedtime.

  • bike ride, tricycle ride, wagon ride, stroller walk (basically anything which is foot powered)
  • skating* at a public ice rink [416-338-RINK (7465]
  • enjoy a family swim
  • kick a soccer ball in the backyard
  • skate park (if your teen is so inclined)

*I'm taking my Thing 1 & 2 skating for the 1st time EVER today. Could be great or painful (mentally & physically). Crossing fingers...

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March 13, 2009

March Break Ideas/Tips

Here are a few brainstorms for things to do with the kids during March Break. Remember, during March Break most destinations will have kids, parents and melt-downs. Keep your cool. Plan for extra time. Breath!

Parent Club tip; wherever you go...take healthy snacks (the best fast food is the food you've already got in your bag - man that's fast). Carrots & cucumbers, granola bars, fish crackers, sandwiches, drinks and a special yummy treat -- make for better eating and good energy.

Feel free to comment below -- if you have a March Break activity idea!

Bigger Ideas
These ideas include destinations that will be busy and have an admission cost.

  • Royal Ontario Museum
  • Science Centre
  • Casa Loma
  • CN Tower

    Medium-ish Ideas
    These ideas include destinations which will be less busy and are family-budget friendly.

  • Indoor Playground
  • Movie Theatre
  • Swimming
  • Bowling

    Smaller Ideas
    These ideas are home based (or in your 'hood) and cost FREE (practically)
  • Host a playdate
  • Library activities
  • Bike ride
  • Treats at home*

    *Check back here at for great ideas for March Break treats at home. A new March Break idea - everyday - next week!

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  • March 12, 2009

    No Nonsense Nurse Awards

    I, personally, think registered nurses and nurse practitioners are gold. I can get Things 1 & 2 an appointment with our nurse practitioner much faster than our physician.

    Therefore, for the appreciation of Canadian nurses - we want to tell you about the...

    No-Nonsense Nurse Awards

    Canadians to nominate a nurse that has made an impression for their hard work and dedication to the health care industry - whether it’s a friend or someone that has treated you, you can nominate a nurse that has made an impression on your life for some great prizes.

    • Grand Prize $5000 to a charity of the nurse’s choice and a day of pampering at a local spa

    • Two runner-ups will receive prizes of $500 to a charity of the nurse’s choice and spa packages
    The winners will be decided by a panel of fellow nurses across the country. Deadline for entries is March 31st, 2009 and winners will be announced mid-April.

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    March 11, 2009

    tweet tweet twitter twitter

    Parent Club all a twitter.

    If you tweet join the Parent Twub;

    Tweet tweet twitter twitter - Parent Club is talking about...


    WHEN: MAR 21, 2009 at 10 a.m. until 12 p.m.
    WHERE: Harbourfront Centre
    Fun and creative activities for young
    children will feature arts and crafts, music, dance, cupcake decorating and more, provided by Creative Memories, Salsa Babies/Tots, Toddler Tunes, Simply Sweet and Room to Grow.

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    March 10, 2009

    The Woes of March Break

    I want to go somewhere. WARM. (and I'm on the agoraphobic side of the fence - which shows - how much - I really would like to go somewhere WARM).

    We've actually been researching places to go. Cuba? Mexico? - Spanish countries bode well with my prince. Disneyland? Paris? - both have fairly nice castles. My data shows a family of four needs @ $5,000 to travel anywhere*. We even checked out Great Wolf Lodge but a weekend weekend escape runs about $800 (I think I could buy the whole wolf for that much). Ugh.

    Those of you who have children in daycare over March Break. I am slightly jealous. (ok - more than slightly). Not that I don't want to be with my kids. I just don't want to always be with my kids. Yes, I want to go away - with them - but new surroundings help an awful lot when you are 24/7 Mom.

    So Friday, check back here at for a whole lotta March Break family field trips to enjoy with your kids - in the city. If you have any March Break events/destinations to share - e-mail them in and we'll include them in the Fab-u-lous Friday Field Trip post.

    *if you know a warm destination, where a family of four could visit, which is less than $5,000 - please let me know...I'll buy you a coffee in a refillable stainless steel cup


    March 09, 2009

    BlogHers Act Canada and Eco-Guilt

    Read my latest enviroment column...

    International Women's Day and Eco-Guilt

    Dear fellow mothers (and mother-lovers),

    In recognition of International Women's Day (Sun. Mar. 8) - let us all - for a moment - get off our environmental-mother-loving-high-and-mighty-friggin'-pedestals. Let us stop the green guilt we lay on each other.

    Read full rant at BlogHers Act Canada

    If you are the "friend" I refer to in the story and you are reading guilt tripping intended. If Angie or Brit are reading this...I am still...very...sorry

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