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January 23, 2009

This is it...

I wanted to end this week with something good. I first posted about the inauguration but homework and leapster swelled in and the post didn't swim. Then, I had an inspiration...a place where I have ideal palace..."Le Palais Idéal du Facteur Cheval"
(built by Ferdinand Cheval - The Ideal Palace)

Mr. Cheval was a postman (in Southern France). It took him 33 years to build his palace (it's in his backyard). He did his postal route everyday - picked up rocks on his way - and went home to work on his palace.

There aren't any rooms - you can basically walk through it. But it is a sight to see. Built simply for pleasure and passion.

Sometimes we get thrown down by the details. My mountains of laundry, endless nit picking (literally), deadlines and guilt...all made me heavy this week. I forgot the big picture. I forgot that all these little details - are building my life.

Life isn't about the single rocks -- it's about the palace you build with the rocks. The days must have been hard for that French man - but over his lifetime - the postman built his ideal palace.

I need to look outside the details - and remind myself that I am building something magnificent.

Sometimes you just can't see the palace through the laundry mountains.


January 22, 2009

You want to EAT too?

Someone needs to take the S off of my Supermom costume because I just don't deserve it this week (no mom, I don't actually have a costume nor do I actually have a naughty drawer). I don't roll that way*.

Between les poux and the laundry -- I am Le Tired.

And, on top of it all, my family expects to be fed. Huh, you want dinner too?!?. Every time I turn around someone wants to eat something. Breakfast, lunch, snack, just doesn't stop! I've raised a bunch of grazing humans (well, not prince charming -- he's European and eats meals not snacks -- which sucks from time to time as it would be easier to lay out snacks for dinner in lieu of a meal).

Any-who...the merde hit the fan the other day when the Pizza Pizza lady had to tell me not to apologize for ordering pizza again...(If you ever wonder where the basement is in the word pathetic -- that's it's that right there).

I'm throwing up my hands and letting fate do the meal planning. Over there on the right...I've put up a link for recipes (yes, they've got french toast there - in case you're thinking french toast for dinner sounds good). I'll try to put up another foodie link tomorrow and we can all have fate meal plan for us.

Back to being upermom....

* Thing 2 said this the other day at Tim Horton's - it sounded appropriate.

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January 21, 2009

Les Poux - Update

Forgive the French - but les poux just is nicer to roll off the tongue than lice. I have spent the last two days; doing massive amounts of laundry, swearing some really good - bad words under my breath and nit picking (literally).

Remember, Lice - Sigh back in July. I thought thems dayz were behind us. Thing 2 has been intermittently complaining of an itchy head...intermittently...I tell you. After the showering Sunday night - I thought to give her hair a nit-comb through...just in case. infestation INFESTATION! (insert first wave of really good - bad words here). Checked Thing 1 - also had 'em (lighter case -- but still -- damn-ned!)

This was not the plan for Sunday night. The following HOURS were spent taking sheets, stuffed animals, pjs off beds...starting the tornado of laundry which would devastate our house...putting olive oil all the kidz hair...and combing, combing, combing.

Oh, gawd. I forgot. The horribly embarrassing phone call. The thank-you-for-sending-your-child-for-their-1st-play date-at-our-house-today-it-was-a-pleasure-and-btw-our-kids-have-lice-so-sorry-phone-call. If anything were to make you feel like an irresponsible, horrible, stupid parent -- it's that phone call.

Even with the knowledge that we never, ever, have play dates so really the only place they could have gotten them was from a host at school (fyi - "play dater" and "play datee" both go to the same school) - and it could easily be a school epidemic but the school is really slow at getting information out to parents about serious stuff.

All this aside...I felt stupid. I dwelled on my stupidity.

I spent yesterday morning working on ridding the house of lice, moderating kid disputes (kept them home from school for 24h - from start of treatment - I do have some common sense). And then it hit me. WE NEED TO LEAVE THIS CRAP. Seriously. My shoulders were up. They were fighting. LICE SUCK.

Boots, hats, mittens...hurry up - I'm getting out of here. Get in the car. Buckle up! Then...then...we went sledding for two whole hours. In the middle of the afternoon. When I should have been doing laundry. Or working. When they should have been in school - learning something. We, three, yelled and screamed and did triple-seater sleds down the hill.

Thank god for mental health breaks!

*I'm telling you teach your kids a 2nd language bc words like head lice, nose mucus, bowel movements - are much nicer to hear in a different language. For example; when we were at the grocery store yesteray and Thing 2 said "qui a péter?" I was a bit less embarrassed than had I heard "who farted?"


January 20, 2009

Guess what?...

yep...they're baaaaacckkkkk!!!!!! (insert some really good - bad words here)


January 19, 2009

My Naughty New Article on Yummy Mummy

Check out my naughty new article on The Yummy Mummy Club. I should have known to put a parental advisory on it - for MY parents...hee hee - sorry Mom.

Hot Travel Tips

DON'T pack the naughty drawer. The only thing vibrating in the night...{Read MORE - you know you want to...}

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January 18, 2009

Oral-B Vitality Winner

Through the magic of picking a name out of a hat...below is the winner of Parent Club's Oral-B Giveaway

    2boysadogandus said...
    I got a step stool so the kids could see themselves in the mirror brushing.

Congratulations - 2boysadogandus! Send an e-mail to Parent Club with your mailing information - and you can get brushing.