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December 11, 2009

Virtual Book Club

It is not too late for on-line holiday shopping. I recently placed an order with and it arrived within 2 days (I heart Indigo).

If you are holiday shopping - for yourself or a fellow-book lover - there are many hot fall releases that make great winter reading.

Did I ever tell you why I named this site Parent Club? Because I used to get together with a bunch of girlfriends for brunch...and "brunch" like "book club" was really a chance to socialize and share. Hence Parent Club was born.

So why not share what we are reading/giving to read this season? A virtual book club if you will.

I'm about to start Dan Brown's "The Lost Symbol" (and I confess I've watched the movies based on his other books but I have never read them).

What's on your reading list? (oh - and if you are going to buy a book - support Canadian bookstores like Indigo)

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December 10, 2009

Parent Club readers share holiday web finds

We've recieved a few Parent Club reader e-mails sharing some cool finds for the holiday season... transform the traditional letter to Santa into a web 2.0 experience.
is brought to you by Office Max (and powered by Jib Jab). You can add up to 5 jpeg pictures to create fun mini-videos of yourselves as elves. (If you are my friend on Facebook you can see the ones we created of Thing 1 and Thing 2 on my wall)
is the "official" Santa tracker of NORAD. Log on Christmas Eve to track Santa's journey (very cool when you have family living in other see if Santa has visited them yet...)

All of the above sites are FREE.

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December 09, 2009

Just Don't Judge

I was recently rang-ed out ("rang-ed" - verb (used with object), to speak or declaim something/someone aggressively. The teacher rang-ed him out for forgetting his homework. Origin: me) for this. Well, actually for my decision not to vaccinate for this.

Now you should know this about me - I don't do confrontations. It's like in the movie When You've Got Mail - Meg Ryan can never find the right thing to say in a confrontation...I'm just like that. However, afterwards it itches under my skin.

Why rang on me for deciding not to vaccinate myself?! It's my CHOICE. My educated choice. I've read about how h1n1 has mutated and some experts feel the vaccination is ineffective (here too). If I (or someone in my family) had a serious pre-existing medical condition - I would gladly stand in the rain for 4 hours to get the shot. This is, thankfully not the case. But if you, or your child or your uncle Bob chooses to get vaccinated - I completely respect that. I won't rang you out for it.

This reminds me of the breast milk Vs. formula debate. Which is better? Which are YOU going to do? Invariably, someone will tsk tsk whatever decision you make about it.

I think it's every parents job, duty, responsibility to make informed choices - for themselves and their kids. Do some research, talk to experts, make your choice.

Just Don't Judge others who decide have no business in their vaccinations...or their breasts for that matter!

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December 07, 2009

Visa Canada - Review & Giveaway

Parent Club was recently invited out for dinner & discussion about Visa Canada. A timely night we are all in high season for shopping.

(Pictured: @geekigirl @alidebold @merlene @parentclub @scarlettlounge @kimberly_lyn @AlisonFord @EdenSpodek, Stephanie Wallat, Carla Morin)

Parent Club top tip --> Pre-paid Visa Gift Cards. I always wondered about the fees on these...and Visa Canada nicely explained it...You buy a $50 gift card and pay $4.95 in purchase fees. (so the card is $54.95) - the recipient does not pay an activation fee - the Visa pre-paid card is worth $50 free and clear. This is a perfect one-size-fits-all present!

Another cool tip to share is a tidbit. It is Visa Canada's partnership with Borderlinx(Borderlinx gives you a US address to use when shopping at US sites, and ships your items to Canada - it can even consolidate shopping from several sites into one shipment). This means you can do more on-line shopping during nap time, lunch break, in the evenings...with better savings (and not taking kids to busy shopping malls!)

The Giveaway:
Visa Canada is giving one $50 Pre-Paid Visa Gift Card to someone in the Parent Club.

To Enter:
Share a comment with Parent Club about Visa Canada Pre-paid Gift Cards. Have you used/received one? Have you seen them in stores? Would you use Borderlinx? (*winner will be randomly drawn).

Rules (because life has rules)

* you can comment once per day

* Tweet the contest on Twitter - @ParentClub - (comment again that you did so) = an additional entry

* Blog about this giveaway with a link back to Parent Club (comment that you did so) = an additional entry

* Giveaway open to Canadian residents only

Contest closes Dec. 18th

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