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June 11, 2009

Parent Club News: Mom Central comes to Canada

Mom Central comes to Canada

Mom Central is a one-stop online resource dedicated to providing busy moms with smart household and parenting solutions.

As founder Stacy DeBroff puts it, "I wanted to create a resource for busy Moms - a place where Moms can trust they'll find helpful information they need to make their lives easier."

At Mom Central, you'll find information on everything from toddler toys and baby-proofing to household finances and green living.

Surf over to

The best part for moms - the Mom Central Testing Panel! This is where Moms get to test out the latest and greatest products and services and have their voices heard by companies who care about their opinion. Moms can get involved today by clicking here to register for the Canadian Mom Central Testing Panel. If you sign-up during the month of June, you'll be entered into the draw to win 1 of 5 awesome Canon PowerShot cameras.

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Motherhood Unbalanced

This week is all about un-balance.
Monday -
    Must go shopping to pick up birthday present for family birthday party. Did not get it last week 'cause I was writing and doing laundry and other various essential things. Also, need to go to grocery store as there is no food in the house.

    Thing 2 comes off the bus feeling weak, chilly and yuckish. Power computer off immediately and tend to sick child (tho take said child to birthday party as I got the flippin' gift and all).

Tuesday -
    Thing 2 stays home. Fever of 101C. Have several deadlines so type in between juice runs.

    The City construction workers (who have been jackhammering outside my window for weeks) turns off the water supply for 10 hours (are you kidding me?!). Type in between purelle dabs.

    Take Thing 2 to the doctor. Strep throat. Go home make dinner. Water is back on Thank Ghandi! Go to pharmacy and debate over which flavour Thing 2 will throw up least...banana or cherry? Rush home to get Thing 1 ready for soccer game. Type one more e-mail. Thing 1 returning home is hungry like a hungry man and needs to be fed (and showered - stink-o-rama). Put children to bed. Eat dinner myself. Sit.

Wednesday -
    Thing 2 home sick another day because strep is very contagious and don't want to put others at risk. Why does MY throat feel scratchy? Make up lunch box. Type. Put movie in for Thing 2. Type. Save document. Thing 2 only wants home-made-from-scratch mac & cheese with the crunchy baked cheese on top for lunch. I make home-made-from-scratch mac & cheese with the crunchy baked cheese on top because I feel guilty about working with a sick child at my side. While on break, I fold and put away two laundry baskets of clean clothes that have been awaiting my attention for days. Type.


June 09, 2009

Cost of School

Dear Public School,

Could you kindly stop. Please. Enough with the envelopes being sent home asking for money. 'Cause seriously. It's enough.

When, in the first week of school, you sent home the letter asking for a voluntarily donation of $20 per student to cover extra materials (like flour and sugar - I still have the list - it says that). I gave.

Then, I ran out to the store to equip my child with the 10 sharpened pencils, glue sticks, child's scissors and other stuff that was on the class list. These were necessary to my child's education - I get that. I bought.

The twice a month pizza day - well - that's easy right. Supply the kids with pizza and juice and fund raise a bit. Kids enjoy. Fine. They ate.

But when the monthly "theme day" - when a donation allowed the privilege of wearing pjs or clothes backwards or all red boomeranged each month...that started bugging me.

Wait - there was the buy a t-shirt for $16 each (had to have), the rubber bracelets for $3 each (lost one the day it was received), the Halloween dance-a-thon, the jump rope morning, the teacher appreciation bake-off (hello, no one is making cupcakes for me!), the school community breakfast...

Today, we have a scholastic order form, a pizza day order form, a field trip form, and auction donation form for the school bar b q (at which we will be asked to bid on the very things we donate).

Please public school. Stop. If I wanted my wallet to be empty because of education - I would put my kids in private school.

Yours truly,


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June 08, 2009

Campaign for Inside Health - new column

Monday Morning Muffins
Mon, Jun 8, 2009
Food & Nutrition, Kids, Lifestyle

These muffins are a great way to start your Monday. Plus, easy enough that your kids can help you bake them on Sunday afternoon. Ah - the educational moments in measuring, pouring and stirring - plus - it’s great quality family time.

Monday Morning Muffins

Surf over to Campaign for Inside Health blog for recipe

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