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November 21, 2008

Letters to Santa

Free Clipart

Write your letters to Santa
H0H 0H0

Remember to include your return address! For "green families" who wish to save paper and carbon footprints you may choose to e-mail Santa HERE.

Canada Post works to ensure every child gets an answer in the language in which the letter is written (fyi - it does work bc we have always written our letters in French and Papa Noël has always written back in French).

Letters to Santa are a great way to find out what exactly is on that list. Lots of kids want everything but play with nothing. Make sure you "listen" for what is really, especially, wanted. This is also a good time to nudge your kids in a specific toy direction -- if you've bought something on super-discount-sale, hid it in the closet and have plans on giving it at Christmas.

I'm not the only one who does that right?...

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November 20, 2008

Parent Club Review - Stuck On You

Parent Club was recently approached to review Stuck on You labels. Seeing as we are heading into "lost mitten season" this review is quite timely.

Established in 1995, Stuck On You produces personalized labels and products for kids. Really good labels...but more on that in that later.

The especially-designed-for-children stick-on name labels and iron-on clothing labels are colouriful and practical. You have a great choice of colour, size, icon (over 80 different designs) and shape of labels. Great for pre-readers to identify their belongings. Also for ordinary readers (school-aged kids, teachers, busy parents) to easily and quickly identify belongings.

According to Stuck On You; "Stuck on You vinyl labels will stick to everything from books, sippy cups, and toys to lunchboxes, baby bottles, and even pacifiers! These durable vinyl labels have been tested to withstand the rough and tumble of the playground so your child’s belongings will stick around! These vinyl name labels are dishwasher and microwave safe and they’re UV resistant, so they won’t fade either!" Well, the Parent Club review panel put those labels to the test!

We reviewed the clothing labels, vinyl labels and shoe labels. Each set of labels were packaged with easy-to-follow instructions. The truth: It all stuck! The clothing labels survived the washing machine with ease. The vinyl labels were tested on plastic containers and stainless steel drink bottles. Where permanent marker faded over washings the Stuck On You labels stayed stuck. The shoe labels did not fade through wear nor did they come loose at the sides.

This is a great product which is practical for parents and fun for kids.

Outside of the review; we think that the personalized notepad and envelope set would make a great gift for a teacher, grandparent or tween. Light-weight and reasonably priced this gift can be easily mailed to family during the holidays.

Stuck on You recognizes that parenting is not a nine to five job. They make it easy to order via mail, telephone or at the click of a button via the website.

To check out the labels that combine practicality, quality and fun, go to or call 1-866-904-9790 for a free brochure.

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November 19, 2008


I have been visiting my favourite blogs; and they all have a post this week on Motringate. For those of you who don't know...Motrin posted an ad (you can see it on Youtube - search - Motrin ad) which basically presented that Moms need Motrin because babywearing/baby slings are hard on the body.

They hit hard off the mark. Blogs everywhere are getting comments noting that the commercial was offensive and ignorant. Whatever your feelings about babywearing or pharmaseuticals for that proves that parents (who are very active consumers) are paying attention. They share their experience in a very viral manner. Check out this youtube video to see some parental response.

I don't have an opinon on the ad, neither good nor bad. I am not a Motrin consumer so it will not affect my purchase choices. However, I am keenly interested in how this ad has brought Mom bloggers together - creating a buzz. The world got a little smaller because of this big blunder.

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November 18, 2008

My new favourite saying...

Last one naked is a rotten egg.

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November 17, 2008

Strike Three - You're OUT

Thing 2 is on Strike 2.

Strike 1 was for inappropriate touching of stereo equipment coupled with lying about the inappropriate touching. "I didn't do it." Strike 2 was inappropriate touching of items that belong to parents and should not be touched by little Thing 1 or 2 (it was cleaning solution -- all over the floor).

Two, individual, misdemeanors but the occurrence provided a string of mischief. And what do we do? "If you touch ONE MORE THING which doesn't BELONG TO YOU you will not go to your best friend's birthday party this weekend. GOT IT?". It's hits Thing 1 at the core. Best friend. Part-ay. Loot bags. Sugar. Part of me feels badly that we are manipulating, pulling-rank, blackmailing the whole situation. It's kinda mean.

But Thing 2 is a spirited child. Thing 2 has character. Thing 2 could be a gem one minute and a beast the next. We really, never know, which way the wind will blow Thing 2. Thing 2 acts in-the-moment-in-the-emotion. Thing 2 is unpredictable.

So the blackmailing of the part-ay is really (trying very hard) to teach Thing 2 to look beyond the moment. To learn about actions and consequences. To learn to self-leash those bursting emotions and actions.

Part of me is really worried strike 3 is going to be called. It's very much possible. And we will have to cancel the part-ay because follow through on actions, is apparently, a good thing. (NOTE: I am the obvious weak-link, I break-down, forgive, give one more chance...I feel guilty).

Do you/would you/will you follow through on consequences?

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