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August 29, 2008

Parent Club Calendar

Parent Club tip: Take some time this weekend to label school/daycare/dayhome stuff. Customized labels are great but permanent markers work just as well. A strip of masking tape (labeled with child's name in permanent marker) is great for plastic containers, beverage bottles and stainless steel. Plus, you can tear it off when you wash it and start anew the next time. (also a good way to label snacks 1, 2 or 3 without permanently marking the container!)


--Parent Club


August 28, 2008

Ideas for School Lunch

Think outside the lunch box when looking for ideas for school (or work even). Pre-packaged lunch meats contain high contents of sodium (plus oodles of other preservatives). Roast an extra chicken breast, ham slice or roast beef and slice these leftovers into homemade healthy sandwiches.

Under the Category of cold lunch:

Sandwich, pita, wrap, cheese & crackers, cereal & milk (yes, the odd day having breakfast for lunch is ok).

Under the Category of hot lunch (sent in a thermos or wrapped in aluminum):
homemade chicken nuggets, french toast, grilled cheese, pasta, lasagna, Shepperd's pie, stew, soup (though messy for younger kids).

Under the Category of smart snacks:
homemade muffins (throw in the flax seed and bran wheat!), dry cereal, pretzels, cut veggies, cut fruits, applesauce, fruit to go (yes, it's 100% real fruit), oatmeal, granola or breakfast bars, yogurt (Danino, Activia, Tubes -- all great), cheese (either a hard type cheese like cheddar, a soft type like brie or a liquidity type like Danone), flavoured rice cake, raisins, popcorn.

Under the Category of treat (and I think we all deserve a treat once a day):
pudding, cookies, popcorn, fish crackers, tortilla corn chips, brownie, sugary dry cereal (fruit loops are only eaten for a sweet treat in our house).

It is advised to send a bottle of water along with another beverage. That way - the water can be sipped on throughout the day.


August 27, 2008

Back to School Check list

Back Packs
Adjust straps to ensure it fits well on child's back. Write name or label back pack. Ensure it has extra pockets for change of clothes, snack containers or lunch bag.
(Parent Club tip; personalized labels are easy but it is just as good to write on shirt tag with a permanent marker - make a family logo - like a happy face or moon - for pre-readers to recognize their belongings)

Lunch Bag/Containers/Bottles
Do they drip or spill? Can the child open them all-by-themselves? Is each item labeled with child's name?

School Shoes
Can the child put them on/take them off without help? Write or label the child's name on each shoe.
Parent Club tip - side of shoe is a good place to write name with permanent marker)

Choose nutritious snacks - that are routine to your child. This is not the time to be trying out new foods to impress on the teacher how well your family eats.

Look to Parent Club on Thursday for some tried and true snack and boxed lunch ideas for kids!

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August 26, 2008

Parenting Other People's Children

Have you ever felt the urge to parent someone else' child? Today, we went to the Royal Ontario Museum and I felt the physical need to tell other people's children "hey there, careful with throwing the sand". I didn't act on that feeling. But I really had to hold myself back.

If there is a chance of serious injury on the playground - I tend to step up and caution please take turns on the slide. I have this physical need to keep all children safe. Perhaps I am kind - perhaps I am a busy-body. On the fence about that one...

I would never scold another parents' child, I would not give them a hi-5, cuddle them, push them on a swing. I don't share snacks and I don't share water bottles. But if I see a child fall, I'll run and pick them up. I'll find the caregiver. I'll bring out my first aid kit (which has a nice assortment of Hello Kitty and Spiderman band-aids).

I don't mind other people cautioning my children to keep them from having dinosaur sand flung into their eyes. I think that's ok. Doesn't it take a village to raise a child? Well, I'm someone in that village. Are you?


August 25, 2008

Youtube no longer available

Many Parent Club readers have commented that the Olympic Youtube video clip posted recently on Parent Club is no longer available -- it is true.

Me thinks that the cable networks (who honestly DID pay a lot of $$ for rights for broadcast) have a deal with Youtube to take off any 2008 Olympic footage.

Too bad, as many of the events were on too late for kids to watch and Youtube would have been a good place to watch the events - on demand.