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October 03, 2008

Parent Club Calendar

  • Salon du Livre de Toronto will be held
    from October 2 to the 5th.
  • Rogers Chinese Lantern Festival, Ontario Place
  • High Park Harvest Festival (Toronto)
    Enjoy food, pumpkin crafts, music, warm apple cider and more. Free admission to the grounds.
  • Fall Fair, Downsview Park (Toronto) (Free admission)
    Celebrate autumn at Downsview Park’s 8th annual Fall Fair featuring free family fun. Activities include pumpkin carving, scarecrow making, petting zoo, origami, buskers and so much more!
  • Launch of Intrepid Travel first experience store in Canada. Located at Intrepid Travel
    523 Bloor Street West (Bloor and Bathurst). Highlights include: zebras and other animals, African drums, rickshaw rides, belly dancers, Brazilian carnival samba, Cuban percussion and salsa dancers, and more.

Coming up in October...

  • Saturday October 11, 1:00pm – rain or shine
    Chris McKhool
    FiddleFire! CD RELEASE! In partnership with the City of Torontoπs Fire Prevention Week
    Toronto Fire Academy, 895 Eastern Avenue (1 block east of Leslie)
    FREE ACTIVITIES: BBQ / Refreshments
    Controlled Burn Fire Display
    Emergency Services Vehicles on display– Fire / EMS / Police
    Inflatable Fire Truck, Risk Watch Wheel, Junior Fire Fighter Photos, Kids Activity Table

  • TOMBA - Annual Gently Used Clothing And Gear Sale Saturday October 25th (Cedarbrook Community Center - 91 Eastpark Blvd )
    Public Shopping• Saturday 9:00am to 11:30 (Parent Club note: see left sidebar for website link)

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October 02, 2008

Coddle, Cuddle, Whip or Nestle

I surprised even myself. When Thing 2 hit Thing 1, we all braced ourselves for "trouble". I must admit, I am quick to snap my voice. Bark in controlled frustration. I'm not pleased or proud that I do this. It's a bad habit I am - quite honestly - trying to break.

Normally, consequences for hitting would be; me scolding someone, then a time-out either standing facing the corner or being sent to their room (depending on how serious the hit is -- and how tired I am). This time, however, almost organically, the consequences were different.

I calmly moved index finger, silently actioning Thing 2 come to me. I took Thing 2 by the hand and walked upstairs. Instead of turning at the bedroom, we sat in a chair. "You can sit here with me. No, you can't touch the keyboard. Just sit. When you are ready. Go back to Thing 1. Apologize. Hitting isn't nice. Just sit for now." To both our surprises, Thing 2 nestled (great word - "nestled") into my shoulder and sat quietly on my lap. Thing 2 took a deep cleansing breath. Nestled.

Neither coddle the child nor give them the whip. I strongly believe that a time out is beneficial for a child to change emotion and behaviour. Cuddle time is not coddle time. It's time to connect. Time to relax, de-stress, breath. Thing 2 was surprised by my silent consequences. I was surprised how well it worked and how quickly both our emotionally snapping stopped. I surmise that; we all just need to nestle in silence sometimes.

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October 01, 2008

Parent Club - Scarlet Lounge

Scarlet Lounge is a new website - launching today.

Recently, I had the opportunity to contribute to this website. Check out the article "Me Time (For Less!)" (yes, click that). A feature article aimed at parents who are looking to indulge in some personal time without guilt.

Scarlet Lounge has some great sections on Fashion & Beauty, Business, Mommy, Good Ideas (which is green living) and Deals.

Surf over and check it out.

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September 30, 2008


The National Do Not Call Registration List launches today (Tuesday). No more telemarketer calls during dinner! Website link and phone number can be found on the left sidebar under Parent Club Notes.

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Language and Literacy

"One out of every twelve kids less than five years of age in Canada experiences a delay in language development. Yet a recent poll has revealed that 94% of Canadian parents of children under five rate their child’s language skills as average or above indicating that there is a potential to not recognize speech and language delays in pre-school children."
(National Poll released by The Hanen Centre - 2008)

The Hanen Centre (a not-for-profit) is an authority on family-focused early language intervention programs and learning resources.

The website is a good resource for parents and educators interested in language development. The 2009 calendar (pictured above) is of specific interest to parents of preschoolers. The calendar presents "how to" incorporate language and literacy tips into daily activities and play routines such as;

  • Follow the child's lead in conversation and keep conversations going as long as possible
  • Create an environment full of meaningful print
  • In addition to reading books together, make grocery lists, write birthday cards and read advertising flyers
  • Use unfamiliar vocabulary in everyday conversation, explaining what the words means


September 28, 2008

How to Make a Pinata

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