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May 19, 2011

Healthy Habits | Killing Me Softly


• You likely consume it every single day and sometimes even feel bad about doing so

• Most of us know already know that we are supposed to reduce it’s consumption

• Kids today consume an exorbitant amount of it

• It, alone, may just be the explanation for our rising obesity crisis

• You can even pour it into a glass daily when you think you are doing a good thing

That’s right. Sugar.

(sometimes known as juice)

(even pure “freshly squeezed” fruit juice)

(also known as brown sugar)

(no better than High Fructose Corn Sugar)

There is a youtube video lecture called Sugar: The bitter truth given by a specialist on paediatric hormone disorders (like diabetes) and the leading expert in childhood obesity, Dr. Lustig that has become a bit of a legendary sensation normally reserved for pop artists. This lecture makes a persuasive argument about sugar and its toxic impact on your body. He makes it clear that we can no longer just think of sugar as “empty calories” that can be “worked off” as long as you are otherwise healthy. The impact of sugar goes way beyond that to actually become toxic. He walks through the biochemical reasons why a glass of juice or soda is no different than a shot of bourbon. The impact on the liver is the same either way and it is killing us...sweetly. Worth switching categories for, right?

Knowing this begs the question: Is it ALL sugar? Certainly all white sugar/brown sugar/corn sugar that is consumed in liquid form. There is no doubt that we need to reduce the estimated 40+ pounds of that stuff that we swallow in our snacks and pour into our cups each year. Then, you want to find alternatives to them as often as you can.

Theresa Albert takes on the challenge of demystifying myths surrounding food and health. Millions learned just how smart and funny she is through her Food Network Canada Show called Just One Bite! She has authored two books published in both Canada and in the US: Cook Once a Week, Eat Well Every Day and Ace Your Health, 52 Ways to Stack Your Deck.
Read her at

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May 17, 2011

The Benefits of Outdoor Play | #playpanel
So far this Spring, (on what seemed like the only two warm, sunny days, thus far) we broke out our Fisher-Price infant to toddler swing for my son.  Swinging outside changed the whole mood of those days...making baby and Mom SO much happier.

According to Kathleen Alfano, Ph.D. (Director of Child Research at Fisher-Price) "Playing outdoors is a form of exercise that promotes well-being and wholesome physical development." I wholly agree with that - after having a winter baby and spending that last few months indoors - playing outside is good for all.

And aside: what I love most about that swing is that it is ready-to-go in the yard.  No hauling kids to the park.  No waiting a turn.  It's ready for a quick swing while we wait for the school bus or a longer swing to enjoy the fresh air.

My bigger kids love bike riding, scooter-ing, in-line skating to and from the park.  It's a great way for them to exercise as well as develop balance and coordination.  And it gets us all away from electronics. 

I like that getting outdoors disconnects the big kids from T.V., computers, video games. 

Playing outside is also good for us to re-connect as a family.  Playing soccer together.  Playing traffic with a little kid powered coupBike riding en famille. Just thinking of it puts a smile on my face.

I'd love to hear YOUR family's favourite outdoor activities!   Comment below.  Or tweet with me @ParentClub

Bring on the nice weather for outdoor play.  Bring it I say!

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May 16, 2011

Fisher-Price Giveaway | The Benefits of Outdoor Play


THE WHAT: Barbie Tough Trike (for kids aged 2-5)

THE TIMELINE: now till May 30th

THE WHO: Canadian residents only

THE ENTRY:  Surf over to, get inspired and then comment below which is your favourite Fisher-Price outside toy.

THE RULES (because life has rules):

  • one comment per day

    ADDITIONAL ENTRIES for ONE extra entry per day

  • Tweet the giveaway: I just entered to win a Barbie Tough Trike from @FisherPrice and @ParentClub #playpanel

  • Follow Parent Club by clicking on the Google Friend Connect button on right sidebar at bottom
    • Disclosure: I’m part of the Fisher-Price Play Panel and I receive special perks as part of my affiliation with this group. The opinions on this blog are my own.  Winner will be randomly chosen.

  • Giveaway now closed - thanks for entering.

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    Blurb Review & Giveaway

    Years ago, I did a Blurb book (my first foray into manscript writing).  That's it right there -> "a MOM book". (it's still on the Blurb store bookshelves if you want a copy or three).

    I liked template choices for book layout, colours and set up.  And it was EASY!

    With blurb you can write your own cookbook, write a novel, publish your portfolio, create custom educational books for your kids, and of course, tell the story of your wedding or vacation.

    With Blurb, there are three ways to design your book

    1. PDF to Book gives professional users full creative reign over the bookmaking process, offering blank Adobe® InDesign® templates
    2. Booksmart makes it very easy and lays out a template for you

    3. Bookify lets you unleash your creativity from cover to cover

    THE WHAT:  Enter to win a promo code for $50 for Blurb (prices start at just $13.95)

    THE WHO: Open to Canadian and U.S. residents

    THE HOW: Surf over to, get inspired and comment below about the book you would make.

    THE TIMELINE: contest running 2 weeks

    THE RULES (because life has rules):

  • one comment per day


  • Follow @ParentClub on Twitter and tweet the contest (and comment here that you did so) = an extra entry

  • Become a "Follower" on Parent Club (over there on the right -> the google friend connect on right sidebar at bottom)

    Disclosure: winner will be randomly selected using a random generator

  • Giveaway now closed - thanks for entering.

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    May 15, 2011

    Mark's Work Warehouse Giveaway! Winner

    winner: Mark's Work Warehouse Giveaway!

    True Random Number Generator
    Min: 1

    Max: 78


    Powered by RANDOM.ORG
    35 Glogirl said...
    Daily Entry:

    I need a restyle to update my wardrobe to include more feminine pieces.

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