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December 19, 2008

Parent Club Review: Proctor & Gamble (2 of 2)

Swiffer Dust & Shine furniture polish will be useful for that pre-guest cleaning. It’s a perfect furniture polish for cleaning wood furniture like chairs, end tables, and bookcases and a variety of other surfaces like leather and granite.

Also, as mentioned in Proctor & Gamble Review 1 the Mr. Clean wipes are fantastic. Great for quick clean-ups of the kitchen and bathroom. Parent Club highly recommends! This is the one product you should have on hand for cleaning during the holiday season.

Check Parent Club on Monday for great & easy last minute stocking stuffer ideas!

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December 18, 2008

Mommy needs a time out

Last night, the compulsive idiot that I am, baked (hello - from scratch) 18 banana muffins and 20 dinner rolls (yes I baked the bread from scratch too). Thing 1 has the class Christmas lunch today and of course we had to contribute (because of my guilt issues). Why, in heaven's name did I think to make bread (which takes 4 friggin' hours)?! It's all good - I remind myself.

The Gods decided my hands were far too idle so they dumped some snow my way during the night. Not a lot of snow. Just enough to cover my corner house sidewalks. (Never buy a corner house for this reason). It only took an hour out of my day. It's all good - I remind myself.

After Thing 2 threw-up for the third time this morning -- I thought maybe staying home with Mom would be a good idea. (On the first and second times -- I admit I considered sending the child). No fever. No illness. Just this darn cough which makes Thing 2 do THIS. Took Thing 2 to visit the doctor who casually said it might be Whooping Cough and the test results will come back next week. "Does Thing 2 need to stay home all week?" I ask (noting the test stick going into a biohazzard bag). "Can't say" replies the doc. "Could be just a cough or could be whooping cough. Use your judgement". It's all good - I remind myself.

Thank blog it's almost Thursday (crap. Thursday. Note to self - Thursday - pj day at school - do laundry! Thursday. Thing 1's class Christmas breakfast. If judgement tells you to send Thing 1 [and it is] - pack plate, utensils and cup). Thursday sucks. Go to Friday. Geez. Friday. Red and green day at school. Do more laundry!

Can someone just send me to my room for the rest of the week - please?!


December 17, 2008

Sleepovers and Vomit

Projectile Vomit: vomiting at the peak of maximum inspiration (Source: Medical Dictionary)

Did I ever share that Thing 2 projectile vomits? Beautiful huh?! In infancy, our house was very white-trash with sheets covering couches and chairs. All because Thing 2 would throw up litres of breastmilk and spew at a great distance.

When we had a babysitter come -- we had to tell them to bring an extra t-shirt - for - surely Thing 2 would throw up on them. If Thing 2 cried too much, coughed too much the gag reflex went to work.

Last night Thing 2 coughed in the night. Then -- SPLOPH! -- everywhere. All along the floor. Up the wall. Over on the laundry bin. A two beach towel clean-up. A moment - where I am clearly reminded - I am the MOM - it's me who has to clean this up. Yuck.

Friends, this isn't the worst part. See, Thing 2 also throws up in sleep. Forget sleepwalking (well, they both do that too). But sleepvomitting is the worst! Waking up to see your child crusted - is - the most disgusting sight to be seen. Not to mention the fear of choking. I've become a very light sleeper over the years - let me tell you.

Projectile vomiting is defined as throwing up at the peak of inspiration. Darn it all - it just throws a big friggin' wet blanket on my inspiration.


December 16, 2008

Cool website
is our new kid-website treasure. A fully bilingual (French and English) site with games, cartoons, colouring pages and more.

Thank you to a Parent Club reader for sharing this information!

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December 15, 2008

Green Christmas

Free Clipart

Tree is up. Decorations are up. Are you interested in making your Christmas a little greener? Well, we know solar powered Christmas lights don't really work so well. However, there are some other ways in which you can green your Christmas...

  • Use felt bags in lieu of paper gift wrap
  • Instead of buying plastic tree decorations - make your own paper decorations (hand prints, photos, snowflakes, snowmen)
  • Use plantable paper (paper embedded with seeds) for cards
  • Give baked items in re-usable containers
  • In lieu of gifts for your kids little friends -- arrange play dates at a favourite indoor playground
  • Carpool to Christmas parties
  • In lieu of a teacher present - donate a book to the class
  • In lieu of buying plastic dollar store stocking stuffers - purchase items with a longer life -- toothbrushes, comic books, games
  • Turn off the television and radio and decorate the house while singing carols

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