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November 20, 2009

Parent Club: Radio Interview

Tune into C-FAX 1070 on Saturday Nov. 21st
10:33 am Pacific (1:33pm Eastern)

You will be listening to a chat between myself and Real Parenting Host Coreen Mae regading my recent article on Teacher Gifts Under $25

Can't tune in? Listen to it live on the web HERE

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November 19, 2009

Parent Club Review: Palmer's Lotion

The What: Palmer’s Cocoa Butter for Dry, Itchy Skin.

The How: This highly concentrated formula with Cocoa Butter, Vitamin E, Collagen, Elastin and soothing Lavender Oil, is widely recommended for stretch marks during and after pregnancy. This unique formula is specifically designed to restore your body to its natural, original firmness anytime, even after pregnancy or weight loss.
The Review: The product comes in a convenient pump and spray bottle. It’s a great feature as I find it helps to spread the product more evenly. Another product I’ve tried is a pour on, often leaving too much in my hands for the area I’m trying to massage.

Spraying on the skin, the Palmer’s product is lighter than I expected. It doesn’t leave you too greasy even though it does look truly like melted butter in the bottle. I find it sprays just enough to deal with during each application- so I’m not slip sliding my clothes on. I’m able to get dressed within minutes of spraying it on.

I’ve had sensitive skin in the past, but the Palmer’s product passes the skin test. My skin has been nice and clear during this pregnancy, and the Palmer’s product kept it that way.

While I’ve had my share of cocoa this pregnancy, a la hot cocoa, chocolate chip cookies, and my secret indulgence for fine, gourmet chocolate, I found that the cocoa-like smell in this product a turnoff. You may like it, my husband does, but I’ve had such a heightened sense of smell this pregnancy that the scent of this Palmer’s Cocoa Butter for Dry, Itchy Skin is a major turn off. I would much rather use a product that is entirely odour free. Fortunately for Palmer’s the smell isn’t pungent, and I found it does dissipate quickly. I doubt though that I would have been able to tolerate the smell earlier in my pregnancy.

When I do a review, I also like to see what product information the company adds beyond the bottle or box to its website. The American Palmer’s site is woefully basic and lacks much information. Clicking on the Australian link though provides a terrific experience giving you much more information on the products including what causes stretch marks and of course how to prevent them by using Palmer’s products. A Canadian website wasn’t on the link page, nor when doing a simple google search did one appear. There is a Facebook page, but it’s FB so not entirely organized.

So where is this product available? I’ve seen it out on display at my local Shopper’s Drug Mart and my grocery store. If you want to stick with one product during your pregnancy, this one has the right price point- less than $7.

(Parent Club Reviewer: 8 mos pregnant)

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November 17, 2009

Writer, Mother, Whatever

This whole work/life balance thing is not balancing...I have recently had a lot of really interesting writing assignments. One for this magazine, another article on Teacher Gifts for Under $25 and a new newsletter for this great parenting resource.

In addition, the day-to-day growth of this famous on-line parenting magazine (a-hem - yes Parent Club) - freelancing writing life has been a wonderfully challenging, diverse, successful profession of late.

Unfortunately, "life" is tanking a bit.

Thing 2: Maman, where are YOU?
Me: In the office
Thing 2: it's dark
Me: the light bulb went out and I haven't changed it yet (and by 'I' I mean "I keep forgetting to ask my prince to change it")
Thing 2: why are you working at bedtime?
Me: because I have an article due (and I stopped working when you came home from school and then made snack and then supervised homework and then made dinner and unpacked the lunchboxes and then washed the dishes and then found clean underwear for you for tomorrow that was buried in the laundry which I haven't folded yet and then I put you in pjs
Thing 2: can I watch tv?
Me: sure...

It's like having two full time jobs. The profile I have on my twitter page sums it up:

Bio: Writer/Mother/sock finder/Blogger/laundress/Community Editor/mitten matcher/Researcher/nose wiper/buzz creator/Moderator/whatever...

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November 16, 2009

Twitter Moms - Windows 7

I was recently invited, along with some other Power Twitter Moms, to an evening of demos of the NEW Windows 7.

Ruth from Microsoft made the presentation specifically with family-use in mind. Looking for a recipe on your computer but forget where you put it? You can quickly find it on your PC with Windows Search. Want to write a document and reference your research document at the same time? Snap can put two files side by side on your screen. Windows 7 has some fairly cool features!

Something else that was fairly cool about that evening. Being in the same room as some of my favourite Power Tweeting Moms - all brought together and hosted by the Yummy Mummy extraordinaire Erica Ehm.

(Photo: @YummyMummyClub, @Journeywoman, @Kathryn_Easter, @RachealMc,@kathybuckworth, @CLBuchananPhoto, @weewelcome, @YMCbuzz, @Parentclub, @CandaceDx, @WonderMoms, @cbadov, @BOREDmommy2, @fdnstudio, @averygoodyear, @amotherworld, @sarahcasm, @jackolantern14, @m_haughey, @MichCameirao, @SarahSB, @ruthm)

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