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August 20, 2011

The Trouble With Change

Can I tell you a secret?  Shhh...just between us...Parent Club is being re-designed right now as we speak....and it scares the bejesus out of me.

Never one who wholly embraces change (let's face it...I run away from change...Olympic style running) this is a big deal in my little world. 

On the one hand, I realize that everything - even Parent Club - must change and grow (there is a French saying "if you don't change - you die" morbid but true I suppose).

Change is scary.  The day I put my then 3 year old on a school bus for her 1st week at Maternelle (kindergarten in the French school system)...well I cried...and lost sleep...and feared the change. 

The day I went into give birth to Thing #3 I was worried about the change in our family in jumping from 2 kids to 3 (10 years apart!). 

And with both examples above - the change was beyond fantastic.  And I'm (pretty) sure that changing Parent Club to a bigger platform will be fantastic too.

But still the bejesus in me is shaken...some things never change. ;-)


Bean bag boss
THE WHAT:  Bean Bag Boss - an online store guessed it...bean bag chairs

THE HOW: Tough exterior, washable with a damp cloth, kid-friendly and parent comfy!

THE WHY: Bean Bag chairs are great for reading, chilling out, tv watching, napping...geez we could go on...but we'd have to change position in the bean bag.


Out of the plethora of bean bag choices, Solid Colors, Patterns, Plaids, Faux Leather, Lamé we chose a chocolate brown (pictured above).  The on-line order was quick and easy.  To our surprise, the Fedex (FREE Fedex shipping!) came within days of our order.

Dibs has been called often on who gets to sit in the bean bag boss (read: we all love it).  And yes, it is durable and washable - proved my kids smearing brownies all over the boss on very first sitting (argh!!) it washed super well with a damp cloth (and yes, the kids had to clean it themselves - they made the mess).

If you were looking for a bean bag chair for the living room, kids' room, university room or wherever...look no further...Parent Club recommends the Bean Bag Boss.

Find them on Facebook: BeanbagBoss or follow them on twitter: beanbagboss

Disclosure:  We were provided a Bean Bag Boss for this hands-on review.  The opinions are authentically and honestly our own.

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August 19, 2011

Tablets for Tots - part deux

In the Parent Club Tablets for Tots post we presented a break down of the benefits of Apple ipad, Blackberry PlayBook and Samsung Galaxy Tablet specifically for family (and tot) use. 

The folks at Motorola didn't want to be left out (and why should they?) and offered a hands-on experience of the...

Motorola Xoom
The Motorola Xoom is the perfect size for gaming and watching movies.  Definition is great.  Kids can easily maneuver the screen to change between applications (better than I really). 

It looks lighter than it is.  The off button is at the back so little hands won't mistakenly power off.  Definitely a grown up tool that is kid-friendly.  Favourite apps on this android were piano and drawing. 

Note: being an android device you need a google gmail id to set-up.

The tablet market is full of great devices for mobility, entertainment and education.  Now...just to find an organization app to schedule it all in...

Disclosure: Parent Club was lent a Mortorla Xoom for hands-on review (and yes, we reluctantly gave it back).  The opinions on this review are our authentic own.

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August 17, 2011

How much should I pay a babysitter?

From the Parent Club archives (and timely following The Real Babysitting 101 Course post)

We invite you to read one of the top-ten most read Parent Club posts: How much to pay a babysitter?

Here is the question of today Parent Club -- How much do you pay a babysitter?

Some of you may have loverly grandparents who babysit free-of-charge (or siblings/extended family/whatever) - or - some of you may have great neighbours who are willing to watch your kids for a couple of hours for a future return of service.
I have never known a teen babysitter to actually set a fee - they have left it up to me to set a price. I try to overpay -- so that the teenager A.)books me first if ever I call for a babysitting day B.) takes especially good care of my krazy kids C.) I know most of the parents of our babysitters and well, there is a point of not looking cheap...

Click to continue reading (and the comments are full of great tips on paying babysitters!)

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August 15, 2011

Funny Mummy | The Real Babysitting 101 Course

 Like many 12 year olds, my daughter recently completed her “Babysitting Course”, which in theory will enable her to venture forth into the world of watching other people’s children with insight, knowledge, and experience. However, after having reviewed the course materials and grilling her on the information that was shared, I do believe that as a mother of four I should share some vital facts which seem to have been left out of the course content.

  • Changing a diaper on a teddy bear, life sized baby doll or stuffed Elmo is nothing like changing the diaper on a real life, pooping baby. In order to replicate this activity without borrowing an actual baby, you could practice by stuffing an angry octopus into a small plastic bag. About 14 times. For one change. And if you think the squid ink is bad, well…

  • Most children do not like going to bed. Most babysitting jobs span the exact timeline of getting children into bed. This is not an accident by the employing parents. They may have in fact secured your babysitting services entirely to avoid putting their own children to bed, for one night. A refusal to go to bed by the child, coupled with the 114th reading of GoodNight Moon will wear down even the most patient of parents. They’ve decided it’s your turn. Good luck. Wear protection.

  • Parents will tell you that as long as the kids are safe, happy, and healthy (and put to bed on time, as per the last point), they aren’t fussed if you make a mess doing arts and crafts, feeding the kids, or playing games/building forts. This is a lie. We all hate coming home to a messy house and if you need to leave Junior in front of the television or video game for half an hour before we get home, it’s fine with most of us if it means all the couch cushions are back in their rightful spots.

  • Parents who tell you outright that they try to limit their children to only half an hour of television per night are most likely to be the ones who let their kids watch television non-stop all week and are trying to lower their child’s average hours of viewing for that week, all in one night, courtesy of you. Good luck with that. Start building that fort.

  • Use the “Well I’m just going to call your Mother and ask her” threats wisely. Kids catch on to this really quickly (just like the fake calls to Santa and the Easter Bunny). Practicing a fake one-way conversation with fake angry Mom is good practice for any babysitter. Do some role play with your friends.

  • It’s not always a bad thing if the parents don’t have the money to pay you on the spot when they get home. Most of us feel so guilty that we made you wait for your money that we top up even more the next day when we drop it off. And never say “It’s too much.” We know what the real cost is of watching our own kids. It’s not too much. Reading GoodNight Moon one more time? Now that’s “too much”.

  • Read Funny Mummy every month and follow Kathy on Twitter at Visit

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