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April 30, 2011

Parent Club needs a tag line...

Parent Club needs a tag line (whyfor? because everything in life, waistlines, blogs...)

But I've hit a tag line brick wall (might be the sleep deprevation of newbornhood + kids + life)

So I'm asking you dear gentle readers to chime in on a Parent Club tag line...(I've always described Parent Club's mission as aiming to make life easier for busy maybe a tag that reflects this).

So far I've (and twitter & facebook friends) come up with...

  • Parent Club - making life easier for busy parents
  • Parent Club - 1st rule of Parent Club is to share Parent Club*
  • Parent Club - nap time well wasted
  • Parent Club - figuring it out together
  • Parent Club - real parenting by real parents

    Friends I would appreciate your comments on what YOU think would make a great Parent Club tag line.

    'cause I've got that big wall in front of me right now...

    *this is a play on Fight Club rules


  • April 24, 2011

    Parent Club Profile | Greg May

    Name please. Greg May.

    Your Website?

    What's your specialty? (work-wise - you're probably pretty special at a lot of things)
    Sexy, lived in, deconstructed hair. Vidal Sassoon approach to the foundation cut.

    What's your shameless plug? (books, blogs, bling, etc.)
    Hair Products. Greg May Product. Scissors. Mizutani.

    Best thing about your work:
    Sexy, lived in. Lasts longer than most. I do my own colour, and cutting, & am a big believer in this. I know the shape. I know the texture, so I know where I want to place the colour. You only need to book with one person. When you build a house, you don't build half a house.

    Parent or not a parent?
    Definitely a parent to 3 Awesome boys. Julian. Tyson. And, Kaden-Jet.

    Share a typical Tuesday (really we want to hear how you "do it all")A typical Tuesday begins with my kids crawling into my bed at 5am. Getting up around 7-7:30am.Maybe watch cartoons with my 2 younger boys. 8:00am. Walking my boys to school. 8:30am. Either Gym, or long trek to the salon. 10:00am-11:30am. In the salon. Quick pow-wow with Salon Coordinator Serena Branquino. 11:00-noon. Begin cutting & coloring. -no breaks- 10:00pm. - midnight. Finish cutting,& coloring. Pack up. 11:30pm. -1:30am. Get home. 11:30pm. -2:00am. Kiss my wife, Kelly May. 2:15am. Sleep. Then do it all again.

    Do you blog?
    I do blog, although I Tweet more. Blog site will be integrated into website.

    Do you tweet?
    I Tweet. A lot. @gregmayhair

    Link to a post/portfolio/recipe piece you think shows your most supreme skills:
    most recently Janine Falcon's blog post on how to not create a weightline through the base of a haircut:

    Wallflower or social butterfly?
    social butterfly at the salon. Quiet, thinker outside of the salon.

    Name 3 people you would like to meet-in-person from Twitter
    @bruceleelegacy This is Shannon Lee, Bruce Lee's daughter. I would let her know how important her Father was in the molding of my life.

    I guess @sassoonsalonus But really I would like to write specifically to Vidal Sassoon to let him know that I probably wouldn't be a stylist if it weren't for his architectural approach to haircutting/colour.

    And, I'm not sure if Jennifer Aniston is on Twitter, but I would love to do her hair. (Even though Chris McMillan does an outstanding job.)


    Who and how much do we tip in a hair salon?
    I believe that all depends on the experience you have in the salon. Definitely the assistant. They are the ones who work hard to welcome you, take your coat, fetch your dinner. Give you that awesome scalp massage. Shampoo/condition. Etc. There is a constant debate on whether or not to tip the stylist. I believe it is personal. But if you do, the usual could be broken down to Assistant- 5-10% stylist 15-20%.

    Give or take. Depending on the experience.

    "It's all about the experience."

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