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February 26, 2009

Where in the World is Parent Club?

Parent Club is a.k.a. Caroline - laundry avoider/writer/community editor/housekeeper/researcher/hat finder/whatever...

I've been stirring the pot about the octuplets debate over here.

Writing about civil action over there.

Penning the Help!...We've Got Kids newsletters for Toronto, Vancouver and Calgary (arriving in in-boxes across the country Friday -- so sign up -- it's FREE and fan-ta-bu-lous).

*Waiting for the March Alive magazine to read my article "Make your whites greener; natural laundry and dishwashing solutions"

In the kitchen, making crepes (in a record time of 15 minutes - from cracked egg to actual crepe - I might add). Then organizing my prince going there - and me going here ("there" being Thing 1's Karate grading** and "here" being my board meeting where Thing 2 had no choice but to tag along).

Asking J Mac Designs to design that nice 300 resolution Parent Club logo (ain't it pretty?!). If you have a bloggy design need...J Mac is awsome-tastic.

    * Magazine arrived in the snail mail yesterday - when I get more than two minutes (away from laundry, youtube and oreo cookies) I will scan them and throw them over in my portfolio)

    **Karate grading update: Purple belt in the HOUSE! Thing 1 also received a bag of weapons (bc apparently you start using weapons in purple belt training). they won't be allowed at show and tell

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February 25, 2009

You go there - I'll go here

Life is becoming a big round of rock, paper, sissors, lizzard, spock. More and more our family calendar is an endless round of what trumps what.

We [by choice and circumstance] only have one vehicle (two if you count my prince's bike, three if you count subway tokens, four if you count the red wagon).

Take a recent Saturday. My prince taught a Karate class. Thing 2 had a birthday party. Thing 1 had a Karate class. Between drop off and pick up at all these locations -- I spent THREE HOURS in the minivan (and hello, did not - ever - leave the city). Does anyone else have this issue? Hello? Anyone?

Do you see the rock, paper, sissors, lizzard, spock similiarity.

You go there - I'll go here...a-ha!...a birthday invitation for the same day. ok. Start over. You go there - I'll go here - lizzard - spock. argh!

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February 24, 2009

Pancake Tuesday

Someone reminded me today is Pancake Tuesday (Shrove Tuesday or Mardi Gras if you swing that way). Fan-ta-bu-lous idea to eat pancakes for dinner. Yum.

Back in the day; my mom would make "silver dollar" and "quarter" (size) pancakes for me. For some reason it made the pancakes even better when you could eat a silver dollar pancake.

Though we won't be doing pancakes tonight (Thing 2 is grading for her purple belt in Karate - cross your fingers). I will whip up a batch of crepes, fill them up with sugar (Thing 1) and nutella (Thing 2) to eat on the way home.

1-1/2 cups flour
1/2 tsp salt
3 x eggs
1 cup milk
2 spoonfuls sugar (only for dessert crepes)
2 tbsp melted butter
water, as needed
(a touch of rum is optional - gives it flavour)

(Let the batter sit an hour)


February 22, 2009

After the family field trip

Where: Delta Chelsey Hotel (Toronto)

What (all FREE to hotel guests): family hot tub, family swimming pool, big corkscrew waterslide (populated with 10-14 year olds), children's centre area; arts & crafts, games, live rabbit named Brownie, dvd movies, wii playstations. Teen lounge; ping pong table, xbox and other video type games, leather-ish type couches.

Eat: We went to the hotel cafeteria for dinner (my mistake - not a great birthday menu)...serves pizza, kraft dinner (ugh), chicken wings/fingers, quesidilla, stirfry, burgers, etc. Kids were happy enough.
For breakfast we went to the hotel bistro and brasserie (good morning buffet - kids under 5 eat free and older kids can choose off a children's menu).

Sleep: As Thing 2 put it - our room had dueling snores; one in her bed and the other in mine (my prince and Thing 2).

Enjoyed the most: pool and wii playstations (had never seen one before)

Enjoyed the least: dinner menu and after asking about the special children's check-in TWICE at check-in...and receiving a "oh, yes" from a desk clerk...all we got was have "a nice stay" rather than anything tangible. (I didn't bother to ask a third time).